CCP may have been hacked

Good evening, it’s been two days since my account was hacked.

CCP has recognized but does nothing to fix it.

The last excuse being that my second email could not be on while the account linked to the second email was not hacked …

I am starting to believe that CCP has a security problem and that would explain why despite a goofle authenticator the hackers could steal my account.

This would also explain the slowness of CCP and the phony apology.

actually this would do that


I’m curious how you know your account was hacked. Also, couldn’t you lock the hacker out by resetting the password? Or did they change the access email address?

As for the notion CCP was hacked… So some evil hacker managed to break CCP authentication and hack, yet all they took was your account? Not a titan account or one containing a vast supply of assets. They took assets from a 6 month old toon only? Um… That is either a hacker with a grudge or a really bad one.


The hacking was confirmed to me by CCP.

The enamel has been changed by the hacker so I can not get it back.

I can not recover my account and CCP hides behind a possible security problem on my second email to do nothing but tell me to wait …

Then wait. It sucks, but that is all you can do. Raising a fuss isn’t going to help, nor us making claims that CCP was hacked. Be patient and give things time.


Just from someone that was hacked back during the Yahoo fiasco, be patient. It took about a month to get one of my Alt accounts squared away and reinstated, but CCP came through like Champs. Hang in there man, I know how bad it sucks.


Okay, before I go on.

It is against the forum rules to reopen a locked topic. As such this thread has been locked.

If your account has been hacked and it has been reported to CCP, then there is a process they have to go through. This may involve banning your account until the account can be properly secured again. These things take time.

As to your comment in the other thread

Since you have probably missed my ticket, I will send dozens until the customer service decides to do something.

This will only slow down Customer Supports response times for you and everyone else so please don’t do that.


CCP has not been hacked.

Your ticket is more than likely in a queue for investigation, as it’s been compromised due to a lack of two factor authentication, a shared password with an email compromised email account, or a combination of all three.

In this instance, it sounds like your email account was compromised, which gave them your username, and access to 2FA via email code, as well as permission to reset your account password.

Generally, when an account is compromised like this by a hacker, it’s for one reason - to empty your assets out and suck the skills from your character to use in RMT activities.

This is super messy to investigate, because typically all your stuff will have been sold on the market, skillpoints would have been extracted from characters and sold, and you’d be in a position where you’re now interconnected to hundreds of other innocent players who’ve bought your stuff on the market unawares of the fact your account was hacked.

All of this needs to be cleaned up, and your account needs to be restored to its former state. This is the reason that it’s been suspended while an investigation is ongoing.

Check your email accounts, change your passwords, and ensure that they’re secure.

All you can do then is wait for the customer support team to get back to you once they’ve rectified the issue.

Please don’t rumor monger on the forums, it’s against the rules.