CCP/Pearl Abyss

Most of those things is what players actually WANT, there might be a vocal forum minority (most of us) who states to hate it but that’s not how that works.

Just like in World of Warships where Wargaming are being terrible when it comes to monetisation and introduce overpowered RL cash ships let right and centre and all the vocal streaming, CC and forum community hate it. But the normies buy it in droves and you see those ships en masse right from launch.

P2W is something most people expect/want
instanced content is something people expect/want
most people WANT to play alone in MMO’s, for the most part

Nerds vs normies, there are just way more normies and they tend to spend more. It’s really that simple.


Yeah, and that’s the problem isn’t it. There was the game that the devs set out to make, and then hordes of “normies” financially incentivizing them to compromise on their artistic vision in order to cater to their desires.

From a business perspective, I do not fault CCP for doing what they need to do in order keep the lights on (assuming it’s not outright exploitative or anti-consumer). However, from the perspective as a player who loves Eve Online for what it is, I can’t help but be disappointed in some of their decisions, and worried about what’s coming down the pipe.



Im just happy that ccp is being their stubborn, isolationist Icelandic self and stick, to a large degree, to their guns. Each month they don’t fully commit to the normie “everything easy and instant” crowd is a month they lose out on cold hard cash, them actively battling the “numbers go up” folks is a sign they care for the product up and have a long term vision they will, for better or worse, stick to.

One might criticise them for some of their stupid decisions but I’d honestly just be happy they’re not caving in. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Fortunately, it’s not nerds vs normies. It’s mostly nerds vs turbo-nerds.

Do you really think it’s normies triple boxing T5 abyssals, or running dozens of PI+skill injector farms? Really?

At most we can lay the PLEX for ISK purchases and some skill sales at the feet of the normies (and CCP obviously). The normies aren’t the main problem here.


The difference being that in EvE, the turbokrab/normy/blingchariotdriver isnt beating me.

In fact, he’s barely impacting my game, except when I undercut him on the market by 25% just for fun


They mine in high sec on 2-4 accounts, building their own stuff oblivious and indifferent to the fact that they would have made more isk if they would just sell the ore, they do it because they want to.

They’re part of a null alliance where they krab away in peace in their shitfit ships, not even in the intel channels, and once every 3 months they join a fleet because it’s required.

These are the people who buy store mounts. They’re not really invested into the game, they’re invested in having a good time without any distraught. If that means buying packs, fitted ships from the store or plex then they don’t give two shits about “what it does to the game”, it’s just a game. Nobody cares.

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The first type are only wasting their own time in high sec and barely impact the game.
The last type are only buying crap that doesn’t impact the game and keep the lights on at CCP.

Only the F1-monkeys and krabs in null are a factor of relevance when viewed in aggregate, but they are comprised of nerds, geeks and normies alike.

Yeah, and they have done things that I like, and I don’t want to go all bittervet up in here. I’m concerned, but haven’t given up hope yet. Nor am I going to let my concerns get in the way of enjoying the game while I can.


It’s like you don’t listen.

I hear you and I still disagree. Can we even consider any long time EVE player, a normie?
Those guys are usually gone.

Sometimes its quicker to build your own ship than go to a market.

And sometimes it IS nice to fly a ship you know youve gone to the effort of pressing a button to build.

Its like being Sir Christopher Wren.

“That St. Paul’s Cathedral is very impressive”

“I built that”

“Really? You dont look like you did a day’s manual labour in your life Chris”

“Well when I said “built” what I meant was, forced a bunch of poor to build for me”

“Jolly good”

70% of the in game market value is controlled by CCP with Plex and Sp (Injectors/extractors)

There is no player driven market anymore.


Maybe they just think that if they took their game the full-normie route, it wouldn’t be able to compete with all the other normie games that were designed for normies from the beginning. At least when I mine in other games, I can occasionally get a rare ore spawn. How am I supposed to feed my obsessive consumerism without the element of RNG rewards in my Skinner box video game?

Hey, I resemble that remark! :crazy_face:

I think this is a good point simply because the game was supposed to be a niche game at inception. (at least this was my impression) Trying to make it mainstream is difficult simply because the mechanics don’t support that approach. The chaos that was the game when I started was mostly for a smaller audience that could handle the amount of conflict. See Jumpdrive’s post above. :smirk:

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Had it always been heavy intensely manipulated in such ways? If one is able to openly assume such I am assuming to ask.

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To my knowledge back in the days I think CCP’s side had minor movement’s which meant most of the in-game costs came from players deciding to buy plex or not. But now every other week there is some new special or pack than bundles some type of SP or plex package that swing’s in game costs heavily all over the place.

Every CCP special in someway or another can be seen as market manipulation as it has massive in game market effects.

The rest of the stuff is still player driven obviously like ships and modules and stuff, but yea.


No longer market lead, it is governed by central ideology. A game changer right up until the sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Lot of whinging really.

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Yeah, @CCP_Rattati really hasn’t been good for the game it seems. Population has plummeted under his leadership. This has happened for a variety of reasons…I don’t see things moving in a good direction at all.


@CCP_Rattati has been the most beloved Lead dev of all time so not sure what your talking about.