CCP press restart button .... to actually restart the servers :))))

as topic :smiley:

That is funny indeed :smiley:
I am still logged in.

same :slight_smile:

this second takes 4 min already

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I bet CCP will blame DDoS :))))


It is only a special dilatation time …
today each player will be kick off one at a time every “1s” .

:red_circle: This is a first: CCP failing to shut down the server.

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we’ve killed a FKIN BLACK OPS in this duration rofl

nice cheat :)) doing PVP during DownTime :)))))

The cluster has become self aware and is refusing to go down quietly


server refusing next login gift box

11m of extra gameplay , ty ccp :))

I was kicked off …


How many CCP employees does it take to switch off a server???

Nice one CCP. Log-in numbers increasing.

I got the free gift \o/

What? Just re-logged in, inside a Guristas Hunt site and now at 11.10 we have downtime???

:disappointed: didn’t get another free gift.


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Yeah…that was strange!