CCP selling special edition assets for $

Materialism and nostalgia are for losers and suckers but I’m still a vapid, sentimental slave to my fashion. I’ve made peace with the fact that my ego makes up part of the wider tapestry of the masses but individual aesthetics helps color that tapestry to prevent us from becoming undifferentiated consumers to be processed like cattle.

At least, thats what I tell myself, I’m not a monk and getting enough shrooms for ego death is too expensive. The truth is EVE at its core is the story of your character in the wider world and one of the easiest ways to communicate what your guy is all about at a glance is cosmetics. So I’ll never get the cosmetic monkey off my back.

Yeah. I was mulling over my word choice there and if that would peeve anyone off. But like. I think it works still. Some marginal part of me cares and could probably empathize if I wanted to, but its not worth the effort getting bent outta shape over. I care some but way too little to do anything about it.

And can’t we all relate to that feeling?

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I like the way you talk.

*I’m not looking for a date.

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Imagine if it was a 100% chance loot drop when someone pops your pod. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :innocent:

nobody can completly get rid of his ego ! and this is ok but everyone need to know why you do something ! everyone has his individual flavor that save us from being cattle !

its just a few ingame pixel ! and why do you have your ISK on your wallet if you dont buy some stuff you want ? but if CCP adds something you have since a long time then stfu and dont start crying ! you still have it ! if you want to sell it → nobody refuse it !

everyone can be mad, but be sure why youre mad ! and in 99% of such cases its not CCP !

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What do implants look like? Why can’t they survive? That would be “100% loot drop”.

It would seem like you could just change the assets a little bit, give them a new name, then sell them without issue.

Anyone who thinks those items are special assets is an idiot!

they are different ! but inly the names i assume !
and they still “worthless” because they are useless and dont bring any improvements

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I’m allowed to call myself an idiot if I want

this doesnt look golden xD its more … red

More Rare though :heart:

/notice I covered myself from the grammar police!


Personally if they are in a re-release mood…I’d say “shut up take my money” to a rifter model re-release. I’d take the old model from left overs. But I’d press for new sexy rifter.

I have that old rifter somewhere in my place. I’d need to find it and see how banged up it got lol.

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I still have my Rifter model I brought back from Fan Fest, minus 1 gun sadly or aerial, whatever.

I would probably have more stuff from the store delivered, but damn those shipping prices are way too steep.

They need to send me a few boxes of cups, hats, keyrings etc to sell here in the UK.

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TLDR: game is not real.

You have fallen to an illusion of valuable ISK or items that are a property of someone at all. Everything what game consist of is property of company called CCP, including data, servers, ISK, your character, ships, etc… CCP only allows you to use the game and what it consists of.

Yes. They do things like that sometimes.

But CCP is not concerned with people having Billions of ISK, only thousands of $. Why would they care about ISK billionaires when its just a virtual useless game money for them, because they need $.

Also, these items will become cheaper in game and thats a great news for those who will pay ISK for them now. :upside_down_face:

Think about all those poor souls without much time, slaving long hours in office. To buy themselves a new set of clothes in game for a dollar.


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Amen to that. Yall havent seen my budget Dota 2 skins for under 5$ :joy: Most expensive skin I got only is like $1.30 USD. People here spending 20-50$ to get skins here. To each their own ofc.

Many of us like skins and this really just comes down to another pod skin. From the limited replies here it seems that many people don’t mind getting a nice skin with a history behind it. 10-20 years later they will probably do it again. I just can’t get angry over this. I am too young in EVE tbh.

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Genolution coming back around again!? Where? Me buy.

Am I the only one glad to have another chance to be able to get these things?

If you look into other games and understand the theory of uniqueness vs abundance you will realize that the fact you can buy these at any moment with volatile ISK means it is not rare, it’s expensive, which is different; a sale like this is actually lowering the value, not the rareness.

If you would have a game where rare things like this would unlock only with achievements or similar systems, you would be either complaining the achievement is almost impossible or too easy, not the item gave by the achieve; this sale simplifies things like that, not the items themselves.



I left with some money in the bank. Came back and wanted more to feel less space poor.

Some assets have been sold. I am sure ccp would have liked me to buy some more plex packages lol.

Nice thing about wandering for a few years. I didn’t miss this while gone lol. And I am not into the whole it could be moar in 2 years. Fair enough price now…merry early x-mas.

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CCP are already going to be re-releasing the AT hulls, just with a new name, same basic ship though


I wish there was a way to distinguish an old collectible from a new one. Like lot numbers on bottles of whiskey. I’ve started selling some of mine as I don’t think they will continue to hold value.