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Is it legally possible to have an exclusive stock offering for a game company to one it’s subscribers on one of it’s products?

Yes. CCP is a privately held company, but private placements are very, very common to select investors. A private company can grant partial ownership to whomever they want. You get a percentage ownership of the entire company typically, not just a percent ownership of one product line, unless a more specialized deal is worked out.

One way to give partial ownership of only one product in a business would probably be to split that business into it’s own company (Parent Company A owns Child Company A and Child Company B, you give an offering for a private placement to an investor for Child Company A only, but the public only sees advertisements for products under Parent Company A).

You could create your own cryptocoin (everyone can do that) and market it as trust/faith in CCP. Not even sure they could do anything against it, legally, because it wouldn’t touch their IP or anything.

I was thinking (while under the influence) it would make for an exciting promotional sale offer. Some sort of $500+ amount investment, maybe throw in some skins, plex, or clothing and a scaling stock option. Available to active subscriptions only.

Keep in mind that it’s possible, but investors would probably fall under the category of “CCP employee of some sort” rather than “player”. And as such, the recently (a few years ago) revised rules for accounts would very likely apply to you. Specifically, you get a CCP_name account, and your player account is frozen / under scrutiny / unable to gain any benefits from the game because of insider knowledge about patches and stuff.

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