CCP Stop this nonsense with TTT

As yours…but for other reasons…

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If that is the case, then TTT definitely needs to and with it all structures from high sec. Structures are inherently an antithesis to casual. NPC stations are casual. I would be all for it. Structures have made EVE worse in so many ways.


So are you mad over the potential loss of TTT? Or just the extra fighting near it? Eve is all about fighting, doesn’t mean it has to happen in null

CCP needs to stay far away from player driven content, except in cases where backend work needs done


Pulls out the popcorn


So how many implant sets did you store there OP (who is in Doomheim)?


You might wish to find a dictionary and look up the difference between ‘high’ and ‘absolute’. Nowhere is anyone guaranteed absolute protection or absence of PvP in highsec…nor has it ever been that way. If anyone places a ship or a structure in highsec…they should expect it to become a target. The TTT has for way too long been beyond the capacity of most to attack, because such large force could be brought to bear to defend it. Sure, the odd corp has taken pot shots at it now and then…but that’s been more symbolic or just ‘look at me, I’m attacking the TTT’ than actual winnable attack.

I never had a problem with a massive Keepstar existing in highsec. The problem for me was always the fact that one had a trading cartel between alliances that were supposedly at war. One has to question how genuine people’s ‘anihilate the enemy’ wars are when they are at the same time doing dodgy financial dealings in the background.


So you want CCP to force player run corporations to make decisions based on what will be good for you personally?

Yeah, I can’t see that being bad for the game long term.


Yes, Issuing orders to the game company is a great idea…

Maybe do so at the shareholder meeting.
How’s your Korean?

–Gadget Suggests

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OP is a Biomassed character acting as a forum alt. Pretty much no stake in the game at all. Just here to rile people up and then attempt to make fun of them when called out on it.

How this is allowed in the community is beyond me.


I will never stop repeating myself when i know i am right. I will say I told you. Just like i can about TTT. Ill say I told you so when it comes to the single power system with zero opposition and stagnant game-play in highsec. War HQs - The primary reason any of this has happened. War Hqs, Structure requirments. Peace periods. All this anti-pvp trash needs to be tossed out for the garbage it is and replaced with a fair solution that doesnt simply create the obvious outcome.

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Nice try Vily! but I’m not falling for this trick


Oh you should stay very far away from incursions :rofl:

It’s min/max 100% tryhard everyday in all communities here. Fueled by people who box marauders.

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@Etsaki_Hilanen I wrote a fairly decent reply. But since you’re biomassed you don’t need it, so I deleted it, yay.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras I appreciated the like, but you can have it back now :smiley:


what is all the fuss about ?
ok , yeah … TTT is falling , and ?
it will either move to jita or relocate to a different XXL structure instead

This thread makes my brain hurt


Well something smaller than a keep or sotiyo

@Etsaki_Hilanen People like you need to get a killboard. You are a nobody complaining about stuff happening because of people who actually play the game. Git gud scrub.

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They’re a biomassed char

Does indeed not exist.

@Etsaki_Hilanen Finish it by uninstalling, telling your ISP to cancel your contract, throwing your keyboard out of the window and setting your PC on fire.


Soon you won’t need to skim the forums for content for a whole year at least. Mike may have to take over that nerve wrecking task.