CCP stop those annoying NPC Mining fleets

That just means people have very good reasons to mine in a corp that’s capable of protecting them, and people who rather want to mine solo and/or afk are … well … clearly not welcome. :smiley:

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BS. And you know it. Getting constantly dropped on by zero loot response bot fleets that require fleets guarding you isn’t going to keep people in the game.


If they are causing rising prices in the local market (where I “mine” my ore) then I care.

Other than that, I don’t give a ■■■■ one way or the other.

If you dropped your bias, assuming that CCP actually wants people to solo/afk mine, you’d probably understand what’s going on instead of assuming I’m the one writing ■■■■■■■■. :slight_smile:

I’m not. What I wrote is based on observation, and the observation is valid:

CCP does not want people to mine solo. Do you have any actual counterpoints, or is “■■■■■■■■” all you have to say? If you want to ignore what’s going on in favour for what you think how things should be, then you’re free to do so … but don’t apply your own way of thinking to me. Thanks. :slight_smile:


The reward is removing the farming miner bots. The loot is just secondary.

Anyway, as I’ve said. I just think CCP should focus their efforts in rehauling the mining system altogether.

It’s kinda hard to get an objective discussion going, since it is in your interest, i.e. miners to remove these bots to easy your own game play. Just as it is in PvP’ers interest to keep the game less safe, when we are discussing how CCP is making the game safer. These discussions on the forums always end up in two sides banging their heads against the wall, since there are way too many egos and no one is actually willing to constructively discuss solutions.

I agree, that CCP needs to communicate if they think the npc miners are in a good spot or needs some balancing.


Link please.


I think you need to actually read my posts before putting words in my mouth and declaring which ‘side’ I am on. Since I very specifically have not called for the removal of the bots. I just called Soltice out for their overly edgy “you suck” posting that they 100% know is utterly dishonest in representing the situation.

But we are!

Shoot them.
Bump them.
Join a corp that protects you and does the hard work for you.

The problem is that those who complain are unwilling to accept any of the solutions. :slight_smile:

Not to forget to mention the mind bending idiocy of believing CCP wants more solo/afk miners in the game, instead of less. :slight_smile:

Well THIS is because the “solutions” are none…

Forcing one that is not willing to give up his (solo) playstyle is not a solution at all it’s simply disrespect…

“MY playstyle is better than YOURS” ?


I mean REALLY???


Nono, the solutions are fine. They’re just “none” to you. :slight_smile:
Your refusal to accept them changes nothing about them! :smiley:

And the “playstyle”-fallacy doesn’t work with me. Your pseudo individualism is worth nothing.

Adapt or die!
You die!

Bye! :slight_smile:


There are enough belts to go around between you as player and the npcs you just may need to move a bit at times.

Previous NS corp member, now solo miner/industrialist opinion :

In itself, these NPCs miners aren’t that bad, they do make us react to them since they litteraly take away from us all day long our content. Having to change ship and go after them is quite fun actually, putting ourselves in the ganker role without wrecking security standing is a big plus.

I immediately stopped trying after my few first attempt at “just shoot them instead of crying”, here’s my 2 why :

  • Once the npc start warping away (the pirate miners will near instantly start their warp engine when you warp-in), you cannot lock them anymore, so unless you’re in a destroyer or frigate sized ship, forget about putting a point on one of them before they all gtfo the belt. AFK players don’t do that.

  • The response fleet warp on you in less than 5-6 secondes, it’s not even close to concord response time, and even the frigates can obliterate a BS or an orca easily, not challenging just broken since you can’t even kill one npc mining barge before getting poofed

So yeah, either increase the response time of miners fleeing and the response fleet warp-in, or stop with these NPCs, they ruin the HS casual gameplay for people that start to play a long time after dowtime.

We got worse content with the resource wars, but still, it could be made quite fun actually with a few numbers changed.


Pshh. Who mines belts anymore? It is now better to be moon mining anyway.


You need a tool character. Skip tutorial and dock near your main. When evil npcs appaer get your drones log off main undock with alt and attacjk them untill they warp. Log off alt log in main. Rinse and repeat. That way you dont loose npc corp staning in case you pop one or more.

Even better if you have two omega accounts…

I was talking about pirate miner NPC, which are either Guristas or Blood Raiders, if there is a FOB in system they will send mining ship to the belts. But yes your advice stands for the friendly NPC corps.

But whatever kind of NPC it is the problem of the response fleet warp-in is still there, scaring away the miners doesn’t work for long, they need to be destroyed to really stop their mining.

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FOB miners aren’t as big a drama. you just go blow the fob up. The ones working from stations you can’t get rid of.


If veldspar is what youre using as a metric, then it has nothing to do with Delve. We dont mine veldspar in delve, because there are better, more profitable, more lucrative ores.

Furthermore, if youre complaining about the economy from hisec, then again, its not delve. Moving ore from null to hisec is stupid, because we get better return rates for refining in nullsec. No one would pay the amount it costs in fuel to jump and move ore from null to hisec, only to refine at worse rates. And no, we would never refine something in nullsec and bring it over. The amount of M3 that would take is ridiculous.

Its not delve. Stop making Delve the boogieman for all your problems, just because youre jealous of the isk we make.

Low ship prices are good for the economy. Good for new players.

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price of veldt is to do with delve. Because null industrialists cried about how ABC’s weren’t valuable because they had flooded the market, and got ccp to add large amounts of low ends to them as well, which then murdered the value of low ends and meant null industrialists could be lazy and just keep mining the high ends to get everything.

So yeah… It is delves fault.
Though Veld is actually one of the better highsec ores atm. Even if the price is down.

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What do you mean by ABCs? youre not making much sense here.

Also, null industrialists, and not Goons sepcifically, right? And before we moved to delve, right?

In other words, completely and utterly nothing to do with delve. Lets move on to your second part.

What do you mean by “Low ends”, and add large amounts of it where? Hisec? Lowsec? nullsec?

Because, hate to tell ya, we have always gone for the anomalies in null. Almost no one, cept for maybe new players, mined in the belts, because all the high quality ore are in the anomalies.

Again, nothing to do with Delve. Moving on.


Did you read your sentence before you posted it?

So youre saying that we used to mine the low value ore, more than the high value ore? Why? Why would an industrialist be stupid enough to do this? Why would you deliberately go for the cheaper ore first?

And then, because the low value ore got murdered to even lower values, we started to mine the high value ores… and got… lazy? What?

Its hard to follow your train of thought. Maybe you could read your own sentence and figure out what you meant to say, because so far, its both lacking in logic and reason.

Yeah, no.

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Having mined quite a bit in both high and null I would disagree that these fleets need to be removed at all. If you are a serious miner at all these belt eaters never should be a problem. There are plenty of areas they are not, lower security areas, there is ore out there in other areas of the game and easier to obtain.

Crying about it means you havent used in game methods to get around your problem.

As for null and specifically Delve killing high sec ore prices its partially true yet high sec is supposed to be less reward than null sec anyway. Yet I know personally I can still make good isk mining in high sec solo as much or as little as I want to mine. To me its not much worth it anymore but I do still do it for nostalgic reasons.

So all told I am utterly thrilled at what CCP has done with these fleets in game and yes thats coming from a 15 year miner in game.