CCP Stop unlearning please

(Ford Crendaven) #1

CCP Improvements.

Create Content not just refresh reinvent an interface or method that is already learn’t. Change for change doesn’t not engender support.

Where an interface requires modernization please consider the learn’t processes that every pilot has been through. A simple thing is to look do the buttons remain in the same place? Could they remain similar?

Us pilots spend a lot of time learning how to do things effectively and quickly but this can be undone so quickly by the changes that you implement. Personally I don’t care so much about a new interface or mini game. I want working content and extension to the sandbox. The captains quarters is a good example of something I believe was new and was the first stage in a development stream. It didn’t really provide much in the first phase but you had plans to extend and create new content.

I suspect the current and ongoing changes are a effort to reduce costs and divert resources to other projects? (yes a question are you?)


(Ikshuki) #2

revamps is a coding issue, not an invention issue, when software changes, so does the interface requirements, this game has a very severe need to be fully updated, be warned, missions are the next thing in the works, and that revamp is going to be the big one

(Ford Crendaven) #3

So buttons change? position is not dictated? Yes I understand your point. But I don’t fully agree and Microsoft also learnt a lesson from stuffing around in the look and feel (start button)

(Bjorn Tyrson) #4

Ah yes, the age old rage against ccp focusing too much on new features and gameplay rather than fixing decades old interface issues and revamping old content to bring it into the modern era… oh wait… this is the opposite of that? umm… okay… so I guess the only solution is for ccp to just stop development alltogether, because when they fix legacy coding and make improvements people rage, and when they push out new features and gameplay people rage. lets just drag eve out back and put a bullet in its head, it will be more gentle.

(Erica Nithya) #5

We need a balanced approach, not one side or the other, they need to produce new stuff to keep us interested as well as fix and balance the old. But perhaps now it is time to lean more in one direction than the other.
I think the issue that OP is referring to is the dependency on Player Driven Content. And in that, I can agree to some extent. Player driven content is what EVE is. If you want a more immersive experience than you need an experience safe from player interference, which conflicts with the foundation of the game. However, I do feel that the single player content needs to be far more immersive or perhaps interactive is a better word, and largely expanded. Right now, that is the only way CCP is going to attract some of the younger generation to the game. I would very much like EVE to last another decade or more. And although perfecting the built-in mechanics of the actual game has been what I want CCP to do, now I have to admit that EVE (insert jpg of EVE learning curve) does not have much appeal to new gamers. And we need it to.