Every time I return to Eve

CCP always finds away to drive me away… it’s like they don’t want me to return… These forums were a big part of my gaming experience, now they look and feel crap! The stupid view of my ship, why is the view so close to my ship?? Started playing 9 years ago…


Greed is Good!

Yet you return every time

Ok, so say you somehow pull off an Eve miracle, and you get CCP to redesign the new chat exactly how you want it. Now 43 other players will suddenly hate the new chat, and tell everyone how much it stinks up the place.

It’s not fatally flawed and it’s not hard to adapt to. Besides, that’s your only choice. Adapt. Embrace the Borg.


Well, the point of my post is not to say change it back… The point is CCP, stop focusing on changing the UX, the UI is not the problem. The problem that CCP needs to address is it needs more flour not sugar. Add more content.

They are creating problems for themselves… why change things that don’t need changing that then p1sses off some of the people in the community. Instead of changing stuff why not just add ingame content as a solution to ingame problems…

P.S who the was the CCP engineer that decided on using this forum software? Would love to see the SWOT analysis for it.

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Indeed I do, for me to then depart for the next train.

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Give them time - they grow on you.

I remember the previous forums erasing my posts, etc which is why they had to create a “save” feature while you were writing a post as a workaround because I guess even they couldn’t figure out what was happening. So far this is an improvement on that score.

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Now you’re talkin’. Give CCP this much credit - they’re not only willing to listen to specific points of possible improvement you might have to suggest, but they’ve created an entire sub-topic for the purpose.

It won’t happen overnight, but there’s a clear pathway towards forum chat improvement already in place. And you won’t have to quit the game or nuthin’.

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You can zoom out with your mouse scroll wheel.

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