CCP to give everyone free skill points for time missed

It would be great if CCP gave us Skill Points at the beginning of the new year for time that we missed training in the previous year.

Almost all of us have forgotten to restart our training queue and that time adds up over time. 1 year of forgotten/missed time COULD be a large skill injectors worth which costs ~750million ISK, for reasons we miss such as vacation or human error, whatever it may be, that time adds up.

I heard that if you miss time then you can just contact support but if you only missed a few hours then that would be a bit odd. BUT over time, as it says above, it adds up.

I really don’t see what else is needed to be said here.

I legitimately don’t know what else to say…

  • We miss time
  • It adds up
  • CCP adds that time up
  • CCP gifts us Skill points to make up for that time lost

Please, feel free to ask me any questions if you are not understanding. If I cannot think of an answer for your question, I will seek guidance elsewhere and do the best I can to answer. I have written this in English and have correct spelling and grammar to my own knowledge. I have read the rules and regulations to the forum and understand them so I am in great hopes that this thread is up to par.

Also, just to make sure it’s clear, you would put this in the login screen with the other gifts that we log in and redeem. So, yeah, there it is in a LOT of words and good English and good grammar and even with a hint of TLC. :smiley:

So, again, if YOU have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to answer them because I legitimately do not know what else needs to be said on this simple topic.

Thank you all very much and have a happy holiday!

Well, would you look at that. Closed again… This time it’s because I’m asking for free stuff. Very unprofessional behavior. Maybe CCP shouldn’t have kids as forum mods. /shrug

So it seems like you’ve had this “wouldn’t it be nice if I got free stuff because I messed up” topic closed several times now. How many more times are you going to post this?

Hope I’m not interrupting anyone’s day. I truly was trying to get involved and add a nice suggestion. If you are not fond of it, then that is ok and I did what I could to try and be a part of making Eve Online continue to be great.

Good day sir! o/

So to clarify, you want SP for those times you forgot to log in and add skills to your queue? Not for CCP server problems? You can put 50 skills in your queue that can last for months. There’s really no excuse for laziness and not paying attention. There’s apps and 3rd party programs that can alert you when your queue is empty or close to it. With all those crutches we have access to, it’s your problem if you forgot to check your character once in a 3-6 month period. -1

There’s nothing to be not fond of. You’re not even acting entitled or demanding. It’s a bulletproof post in terms of non-offensiveness. I’m just curious how strongly you feel about the idea given you’re fighting “the man” right now.

I certainly wouldn’t hate to get free SP, but then, I’m not involved in the SP market.

Not sure what type of people you are used to dealing with here but seems that has been presumed on myself.

I’m not entitled to anything more than a swift kick to the ass. I was told a while back that CCP will give you Skill Points for time missed for whatever reason it may be such as human error. If it’s a bad idea then at least I did my part by trying to make Eve continue to be great.

I feel like somehow I offended some people so i’m currently walking on egg shells and that to me is kind of crazy when I’m one of the few that is actually not here to give problems but try to give ideas. Sorry…

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The forums - like the game, can be harsh!

CCP is giving us skillpoints as part of the 13 days of Eve event - 200,000 of them which is equivalent to 4 days training. For someone who already has 80 million SP, the Absolute Injection Augmentor is potentially worth over 1 million SP.

CCP will reimburse us if it’s their fault but I don’t expect them to compensate us for our mistakes - in a game like Eve mistakes should (and do) have consequences. For many of us, that’s a feature - not something that needs to be fixed!

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You’ve had this topic closed several times already. Closed!

No matter how you express the phrase “I want free stuff” it will always mean just that. There is no content in this that will make improvements to gameplay or game features.