CCP WAR DECED ME over a 3g / 4g router bug

First off I know this off topic but this is literally the only place I can post in the forums.

CCP strikes again the pattern seems to be if they can’t answer your question expect to be ignored. If they can answer the question they always want you to fill out a customer experience survey. To make a very long horrible story short EVE has become unplayable after the last patch for me. I submitted a ticket two days later I got a response that clearly never read my original complaint.

I told them I wanted game time refunded because I’m locked out of 3 subscriptions for 3 days and that deserves to be returned. They offered nothing not eve acknowledgment of the request. They respond by saying “I hope this problem doesn’t trouble your in the future” This really gets me because they are attempting to close the ticket without even a stab at trouble shooting. Then tell them I want a refund nothing less will do and I will post my experiences on the forums.

Of course I become locked out of the forums and the login server entirely. I don’t know if they are really censoring me be but it seems that way and if so that is dirty pool.

I have a legit issue I have been raising to them and I want to bring to the bugs and workarounds but now it appears CCP is forcing me to post here.

So I have read hundreds of posts that all have connectivity issues and some claim they have had things work listed in the post while others have not. These connectivity issues are far and wide and many are never addressed or no DEV ever posts to the threads. I started noticing a pattern whenever someone said they had a 3g / 4g routers nothing would resolve their problem when others would have the fix listed in the post work.

I have no evidence of this some how I believe packet routing on the 3g / 4g is weird and I think maybe the culprit.

The fix:

So you must delete the entire EVE folder found in the app data directory. Luckily you will never have settings saved again once using this fix. The bonus CCP can’t steal your money and give at most some skill points in return.

The file path for windows 7 is as follows (replace the ****** with your windows username)
“C:\users\ ******** \appdata\local\ccp\eve”

I made a bat file because I must do this at every login THANKS CCP

the bat is as follows (as before replace the ******* with your windows user name)

“RD /s /q C:\users\ ******** \appdata\local\ccp\eve” (remove quotes)

And a little feedback for the new forum riddle me this batman why does pasting my file path trigger the language filter?

As for me ALPHA master race joint the protest for better customer service.


I support and sign your protest for better customer service! !!


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If you’re having problems connecting while using your phone, maybe you should speak to your coverage provider instead of CCP.

  1. You won’t get a refund for technical problems on your end. For any game (or anything tbh, not just games).
  2. “pay me or I blackmail!!!1111” attitude is the reason why they don’t even read your messages

the self entitlement, combined with the cry for recognition, are remarkable.

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hey cam, you’re banned already?

Seeing how you demonstrated your complete inability to choose the correct category to post your topic in, are you sure you actually sent your complaint and demands to the right place? I do not think your local refuse collection service will be able to help you with internet connection problems.

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Why not take a look at their return policy or the agreement you signed when you first installed the game to see if returns are possible. It could be that they snuck in a “no refunds” policy in the agreement, you never know until you read it, no matter how boring it is.

No need to read anything. It’s obvious that CCP and any company won’t give refunds becouse they client has problems with internet/hardware.

3 subscriptions for 3 days and that deserves to be returned.

I’ll split this up, to make sure his or her self entitledness is capable of following the math.

0.5 per day = 1.50
3 subs = 1.50 x 3 = 4.50

You demand 4.5 bucks, for something that’s out of their control and your “fix” is :poop:. You could at least find the one file that needs to be removed, instead of removing the whole folder over and over again.

I don’t understand why they don’t just ban people like you, make a big whoop out of it, and gain TONS of players who love seeing a company stand up against self entitled whiners.


first of all: LOL
second: if you use 3G/4G (i do that) place the router in a line of sight to the next mobile cell of your provider - check if it has a strong enough signal - check if the ping is good enough - macke downloadspeedchecks - check all things from time to time

so now … your fix is no fix … this “fix” is **** remove it so no other will have a damaged eve installation
you can uninstall your installation - remove all eve related folders and make a new instalaltion … this should help

in my opinion CCP owns you nothing … when you have a bad connection … it looks like … its your problem or your providers problem … you can check the status here:

i think CCP did not “wardec” you … they are just not in charge of this “problem”

try to fix stuff on your site … i hink then your “problems” are solved

Are you …
… Solecist Project?