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I like to think I am intelligent but then again…

Why are there so many official EVE websites? Why do they not display links to each other?

Is eve redit a CCP offical site? Seems like it.

Have I missed any? Is there a single page that links all these locations? Why is the EVE pages not interlinked?

Eve-source is not an official site made by CCP.

The sites created by CCP are all using as domain which connects them and for easy and quick access you can directly use the corresponding subdomain to get to the section of the website you want to access.

Eve Reddit isn’t official.

Updates is linked to the article, forums, support and the developers site. There’s a burger menu in the top right which has links.

Thanks for the info.

Any ideas why these sites are not interlinked? For example why these forums do not have links to any other EVE page?

You might see that I am not an expert at this sort of thing.

There is a what menu? Ah OK, I see that. However the links i have displayed are for the forums.


I can´t tell you why ccp did not implement links directly to all the subsections of the webpage. But the use of subdomains in itself is not really an exotic practice. It´s rather quite the norm for big websites.

edit: Using subdomains has one very big advantage compared to not using them.

Now this is just a theoretical example.

Lets image ccp would have the following structure on their webserver:

They have a main folder in which you find the index.html file which is linked to the domain

In that folder they have several other folders which contain the pages for different subsections.

For example there could be a folder named community…

Technically it would be possible to access this folder or pages in the folder using the address which would display the main community page.

While still being easy enough to access… " " is used as the subdomain to directly access that community main page, which is a bit easier to remember for users.

Now we can take this even further, if the community folder has another folder inside which is named “forums” which again contains a file named “forumsmain.html” to directly access the forums through that you would have to type in: “” (or more likely .php or whatever but let´s just stick with .html to keep it simple :slight_smile: ).

With the use of the subdomain you shorten it to which is a lot shorter and more user friendy.

I guess I can stop at this point, but I hope this makes clear how messy web addresses can become without the use of subdomains, directly pointing at the relevant pages :).

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