CCP Who Is The First Ever Made Character In Eve Online?

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If you were the original owner of a 2003 account you would not be using the word ‘‘toon’’, just sayin’

(MoonDragn) #43

That’s strange. I played in EVE beta and pretty sure I was there on day one. Are the character’s birthdays from beta? It says may 2003 was the release date but my char has a July 2003 birthdate.

(Kantar) #44

8159 Kantar 2003-06-07 00:20:00
That was me born and I did take a break but still the original owner of my char.

(OffBeaT) #45

this Character was born 2003.08.06 and still is my main account by one owner. :slight_smile:

(sukmanobov) #46

The first char will be a DEV, They aint gonna flip the LIVE switch on the server without having them selves in the game first. However It would be interesting to know the first SUBBED char.

(sukmanobov) #47

I consider my self an Old(er) char being 08, i’m 10years old but for the first 3 years universally hated through my choice of my ingame vocation (pvtr)[mbalm] :slight_smile: .
I delt with a few of the really old chars through partly running [Adopt]. Large alliance CEO, COO’s etc…

However after the wardec Nerfs back in 2012 and CCP taking a disliking to anything [Adopt] or {pvtr] the game got a little stale. 0.0 never appealed so I think Suk is only about 60mil SP with a 5 year break.

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