CCP why do you allow large groups to exploit the system to avoid pvp?

Its bad enough, the state of highsec pvp, that I could fill volumes with terrible decisions which has cost EvE the best aspects of highsec. Can you please reverse coarse from what has been going on for years and start doing something to improve the damage done to highsec war and pvp mechanics. For primary example…Why is this permitted? This is a mail I was sent tonight and there are many more like me who have much to say about highsec pvp and its state currently. Yes, we are drowned out by nullsec and its numbers across New Eden and these forums but so be it.

Sent: 2021.05.07 02:15
To: Severre,

Hello All,

We from DELETED are willing to make a nice Alliance around DELETED as you might know we had some Wardecc going on from a Null Alliance that’s the main reason we Put all our Structures in a holding corp so we are not war eligible anymore.

The main thing about the alliance is … etc on and on you get the point.

If it was an exploit, CCP would punish as such, but its not been declared an exploit… so nice bait.


Because it lets you murder their structures and laugh at the little to no defence.

High sec should stay boring for people to go PvP where it actually matters.


LOL! That’s rough!

Arguably high sec pvp is the most important in the game, shoot the TTT to learn how a single high sec structure is worth more than any null region.

Would you like to know more?
The real Delve is in perimeter. The only reason to go to null so is to build supers & titans, no one is building supers or Titans anymore hence null sov pvp is pointless.


Gladly, if it would actually balance the HP across the regions and possibilities to shoot it. You cant do the damage to it like you would in low sec even.

That would make high sec less boring, but for plus I think. PVP in it would actually matter then.

Damage caps & timers are the same across all regions. so stfu you cleary are a try hard who has no idea what they are talking about.

The reason you won’t attack the TTT is because it sits in the most relevant piece of space in the game, highsec.

If you even provided a remote danger to the TTT 3/4’'s of null population would ree out of their irrelevant null pockets to shoot you.

Null sov is a game style choice, nothing more. If you like crippling tidi n+1 brain dead game play then off you go play it. You get to paint an out of game 3rd party map but no one actually cares.

The high region is different to what you can bring, so it should be different in HP.

The fact its in high sec and could be destroyed, when changed, that would make me shoot it. Doesnt matter how much nulseccers would come to defend, if it can be destroyed.

Clearly CCP and null CSM doesnt like that perspective, and in your tone I hear you dont like that perspective too. But when everyone is bored, eventually someone does something unexpected.

Wtf are you talking about? You will hit damage cap in high sec with sub caps, you just have to feed sub caps into it till it breaks.

As said the reason it can’t be popped is it is because it is the most relevant piece of real estate in the game.

Yes, you can, but it is actually a lot harder to bring keepstar down than in other areas where you can bring capitals. Placing keepstar in highsec should heve never be allowed, or the HP of it should have been lowered when deployed in high sec. Else it is just big favoritism towards null blocks that would have more capabilities to defend them there.

As said the reason it can’t be popped is it is because it is the most relevant piece of real estate in the game.

One more reason to destroy it, if you ask me.

There should be more PvP and destruction of null block assets, because the income they get is ridiculously high. The PvP and destruction would bring balance. Else just nerf income more.

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Yeah! Nerf null cuz too much money! Wait, no, nerf HS cuz too much money and safety! Wait! No, no,n no. Lets nerf WH cuz isk printing machines. And also would probably nerf LS but there is nothing to nerf so anyway

Yes, actually if CCP would be keeping some economist thru those years, we would not even had these discussions. But now we see effects of years of neglect of game economy.

It is visible in prices most often.

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