CCP why

Is there a reason why nexus chips cost 6x less than building a faction ship through blue print’s? seems kinda illogical to have 2 methods when one is so much better.

How dare you imply that CCP might or did something illogical ?!


I think the LP store got overlooked, and it’s why prices of faction ships haven’t changed as much as their T1 counterparts. I can’t imagine they expect prices for the new components to even out.

Maybe cash in your LP before they correct it.


i cant understand …
faction ships blueprints come from faction warfare and they already have the new components
they cost LP
explain to me plox

or are you talking about pirate ships???

or maybe SOF because it apear to be lol, anyway make it clear so i can understand…

Navy ships usually have two listings in the LP stores, one you are correct is for a blueprint that includes the new components.

The other listing takes LP, a t1 hull and 1 or more nexus chips. At the moment this is a way cheaper method of getting a navy ship.


o i c
this is true
but this way you have to get the nexus ship , haul the t1 variants , build the navy ships and haul them back to a trading hub
to use i see your point
to sell i thinks i a loooooot of work compared to blueprints , at leas the fw ships
anyway ty for the clarification

My guess is that the price of nexus chips will rise so this method will end up as expensive as the blueprint method. But that would depend on how popular the hulls are when the price rises.

Nexus chips are not an issue, its time you really have to spend to get LP. And difficulty in aquiring it.

where do u get nexus chips?

I thought nexus chips drop from sites and Missions. Are you saying you can buy them from the lp store?

I liked the title drama. And that’s about it.

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