CCPlease let us get a nickname or some sort of alt name

Or Tutu xD


some curiosities about my nickname
i use tutuco for more than 20 years
the name make some sense in Portuguese if i really spend some time trying to explain
the x in the end is like 10 , because wen i first started it was my age like tutuco20 and i had to change it every year
so i just put an X at the end (like mac os X, but before mac os X ) , at the time people like to put X in the name for some motive , it was a sign os prosperity or something …

never intended to have the word cox , because at the time i didn’t even consciously knew hat that word means , we have a similar word in Portuguese but is not spelled the same way

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You already explained like half / third of your name so… :stuck_out_tongue:

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its kinda stupid … :blush:

Don’t be shy. I’m pretty sure I speak for more than just me when I say I’m curious. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I’m shy about it lol
and makes no sense at all in english its a transposition of a stupid word in Portuguese , like changing the spelling …
nothing vulgar or polemic or meaningful , just kinda dum …

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To be fair there is no word in English like that either, The X makes sense.

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Ok if you don’t wanna share. Thought it’s just basic shyness but if you want to keep it then of course no pressure. The description already helps imagining it somewhat.

its just shyness … its kinda stupid like i said ,i keep it because i always used it , no real climax in explaining it
i explained the cox part because some people think its a spicy thing and its not (happened before)


oh ■■■■ it
its a corruption of tchutchuco (that in itself its not even a real word )
it means a hot dude … kinda
and we end at that … just to satiate your curiosity but I’m kinda embarrassed :blush:


That’s the spirit and don’t mind the haters or what others think. :slight_smile:


…but to be honest personally I never would have guessed it is portuguese, if had to guess would assume it might be french. And also wouldn’t make the connection between your name and that word as a result so even if searched for it probably would end up with nothing.


I find the names that arent auto generated by eve, and are not perverse in nature interesting. Mine was auto generated, where as ive met others who used the same name in other games

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My name is also a transcription, in my case of a german made up name into spanish using spanish phonics rules, you know, with vowels rules that actually make sense.

The term Biedermeier appeared first in literary circles in the form of a pseudonym, Gottlieb Biedermaier, used by the country doctor Adolf Kussmaul and lawyer Ludwig Eichrodt in poems that the duo had published in the Munich satirical weekly Fliegende Blätter in 1850.[4]

I never expected it was going to cause such a problem with ith the english speaking lot .
I really feel bad for making other people struggle. Thats why being able to put even an initial on the name would help so much.


i think that happens because english is used like a universal language
most “educated” people from non english speaking countries can at least try to communicate in 2 or 3 languages
the same don’t happen as much in native english counties IMO


Someone once asked me why I was named after a candle

I explained its McCandLESS

Im named after having no candles.

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Always sounded to me like it is the female form of candle, like actor vs actress, candle vs candless. :upside_down_face: At least now I know that random idea is not factual. :slightly_smiling_face:


Its as good a guess as any,

In actual fact, around where Im from McCandless is as unexceptional as the “Smith” and “Jones” of other english-speaking countries are stereotypically felt to be.


This thread despite the subject shifted a bit is very informative and somewhat brought some people together sharing the origin of their name and it is a good change of pace compared to the other parts of the forums despite I enjoy spectating the unfolding drama threads as well. :innocent:


Sadly they shifted away from anything entertaining to just snide snipes all round which isnt any fun.


My first name is from a character in a Bowie album.


Dunno, I just tell people to call me Inno.

You could be Bider, Biter if you’re into zombies


Alright here’s mine with some backstory as well as corp lore.

After I’ve tried the F2P EVE and it proved to me that I will spend more time on it than just trying it out I’ve decided to do more than just play the game hence I’ve created a related steam group, planned to have guides, giveaways, events and whatnot so was logical to create a corp that will be the public image of all this and that also required a CEO of course.

Basically the same but just for reference:

So the first was naming the corp. After some thinking came to the idea to name it Kherub Angels and have it lore-wise being a semi-legal branch of the Angel Cartel.

They have various branches according to EVE lore as the Archangels, Guardian Angels, Salvation Angels, Dominations and importantly they can have others set up as well.

Other Divisions

From time to time the cartel finds it convenient to set up other divisions for specific purposes. These divisions may or may not have formal names, but in general they report directly to the Dominations. It is possible that such divisions are either functionally named or perhaps are known by the name of their leader. Since many of these divisions are engaged in covert activity, it is likely that many are simply given code names.

So it was fitting to have this new corp being an Angel Cartel division and Kherub Angels seemed fitting.

The “Kherub” part is a different spelling of the word Cherub aka Cherubim. Which is also the name of the baby / child angels in art:

And the way I envision them in case of our corp as depicted in the original classic Fallout in relation to the BoS:

(Yes that’s the full size image, games back in the day had lower resolutions. :stuck_out_tongue: )

So cherubs wielding rocket launchers, grenade launchers, dual-wielding SMGs and such. :wink: You can quickly come up with EVE equivalents but I won’t bother, you get the point.

It also produces the corp ticker [KH.AN] or Khan which is a neat feature.

The Angel Cartel lore also has inclusiveness as part of it which was also a good feature I preferred for my corp which I’ve planned to be open to anyone.


Renegade Amarr and escaped Minmatar were amongst the first to join the ranks of the Angel Cartel and have always been prominent within it, but just as Curse has always had the interest of all the races so has the Cartel never discriminated in its recruitment. This has helped them to become the largest and most powerful criminal organization within New Eden, a status which its members wield with pride.

So the corp name and background / lore was decided so all good. Now needed a name for the CEO so as the corp is a sort of angelic cohort it seemed fitting to have the leader named after an archangel and Uriel had a good sounding name.

He is well known in the Russian Orthodox tradition (which considers him to be one of the seven major archangels) and recognized in the Anglican Church as the 4th archangel. He is also well known in European esoteric medieval literature. Uriel is also known as a master of knowledge and archangel of wisdom.

All sounds good so seemed like a proper name. Though wanted to make it more original and unique than just plain “Uriel” so added the “the Flame” based on the tradition of the archangel and its name:

Uriel /ˈjʊəriəl/ or Auriel (Hebrew: אוּרִיאֵל ʾŪrīʾēl, “Flame of God[5][6]” or “El/God is my flame[7][8]”; Greek: Οὐριήλ Oúriēl; Coptic: ⲟⲩⲣⲓⲏⲗ Ouriēl;[9] Italian: Uriele;[10] Geʽez and Amharic: ዑራኤል ʿUraʾēl[11] or ዑርኤል ʿUriʾēl)

So that’s how I came up with this CEO alt’s name.