CCPLEASE - Make the Nirvana Implant-Set Available on the Test-Server Market

CCP Please make the New Nirvana Implants available on the Singularity Test Server Market.

And if possible, make all other new implants available as well so that we can test new Fits and new Doctrines on Singularity.

CCP have changed the way implants, they did this to test how well drops are working. This way they can adjust how it works on the live server.

Remember the test server is not only for testing fits and modules, its for testing drop rates and the such.

and let us fly famous zirnitra dreadnaught

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go run burner mission in stain for LP they are on the loyalty point store

i was planning to run burner mission to get nirvana sets for testing…
but then i notice the last mirror is over 3 months ago… there could be another mirror soon.

what happen during mirror? do we lose all item like nirvana sets that we have to farm to get?

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