Singularity is being Neglected!

I connected to Singularity to test the new “Nirvana Implant-Set” and I couldn’t find any available on the Market.

What Gives ?

That’s kind of how it’s always been.

SISI does not seed everything. You’ll have to go through the steps to find the BPC, the input materials required and build it yourself.

Makes no logical sense !

It makes sense to me. Why do you think that?

That way it would only make sense to waste all the work and time needed on the Live Server!

The other Implants are directly on the market!

SISI isn’t there to safe you time and effort though.
It’s just a testing server.

Nothing about it says that all new implants will be made available to you.

Thank you for your antagonistic and non-constructive position !

Just because you don’t like my answer, you’re gonna say it’s non-constructive?
I guess that shows the state of these forums.

Good luck, kid. Maybe if you start spamming a lot of threads, CCP will notice and make the implants available for you.

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There are all kinds of things that aren’t seeded on the market in Singularity. Officer modules, for example. If you want them, you’re going to have to go out and get them the old fashioned way…

Justifying a fact by its mere existence does not mean that it is good, correct or intentional by the game’s developers.

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