CCPLS, when are we going to get some sort of resolution adaptive UI

I’m so tired of rearranging shuffled windows after moving my eve client from one monitor to another, or after accidentally changing the window size.
Pls make the client remember window positions and sizes for every window resolution I use. Adjusting shifted ingame windows is such a sickening, tedious and annoying thing I have to constantly keep doing for friggin 12 years of eve… CCP PLS!!!


So much this.

Having to rearrange UI windows every time the client window changes size is a nightmare. I would kill for dynamic scaling to preserve at least the top left anchor point relative to the edges of the screen - even better if the entire UI holds position relative to each component and shrinks or grows appropriately, but I know that’s more challenging with minimum window sizes for several UI components. I hate how right now if I upsize my screen resolution (like plugging in an external monitor) I need to spend the next several minutes reorganizing everything.

Even having some saved UI layouts that can be loaded on-demand would be an improvement if dynamic scaling just doesn’t work with current code. We already have saved setting profiles for the launcher; it would be nice to extend that to saved UI layouts (with associated notes on screen size the UI was saved from) so that we can at least accommodate our most frequent combinations with greater ease.

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CCP, when??

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