CCP's botting excuse for the market changes is false

i know i can google “mining bot for Eve”, or “vni bots for anomalies”
and i see results, and videos, so it is real,

i can’t find any real “0.01 isk bot”, and that kind of bot must be really complicated,
so i have real doubts about existence of that kind of bot

(and i am software dev i know that ■■■■)

No, I haven’t… I’m still trying to recover from all the money that I lost in market changes over the past two days without realizing the changes… Lol… My fault for making all those changes so quickly without noticing what it was costing me… I’ve been a solo player in the Gallente starter corp for almost two years because I like to do my own thing when I feel like doing it… They would take away any structure that I try on my own…

Then you didn’t look hard enough. I could provide the links for two known EVE trading bot programs if it weren’t against the forum rules.

oh rly? do you have any youtube links showing that bot rly working?

Again, it is against the forum rules to post links to bot programs or videos showing how they work. You’ll just have to search for yourself…


How does it know that these 2m in Scourge lights is the same 2m in Scourge Lights that just expired?

I saw that they caught them doing that…but I really believe that this change is designed to stop players from laying on their orders all day long making it impossible for other players to compete with it unless they do the same thing… Players have been complaining that they’re up against bots making frequent changes when it’s actually players who have realized that keeping their orders on top is key…

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yea… “it is not my stupid fantasy without proofs, they are evil RULES”

Sorry how is this different?

I looked on the market when the glamourex boosters were about to expire. There were lots of buy and sell order on the market, some of the buy orders were for hundreds of boosters, all 0.01 isk’ing each other. If those were all real players then they seemed pretty dumb to me - a real player ought to know that the things were about to lose all of their intrinsic value.


just for people who never logged to Eve Online: you cant change price “frequently”.
it is limited to “once in 5 minutes”

oh yea. proofs like “i looked on the market, and heard voices in my head”

Sounds like the fact that market bots do indeed exist and have been banned by CCP devs hits a little too close to home for you. I wonder why that is…


Because they realize it as I have…so instead of spending all that time trying to compete with it, they complained to CCP that they were up against bots and automated market order changers… I’ve been in all kinds of markets for almost two years and not once have I encountered a bot making market changes… It’s all been real players…and a lot of them just sit there going down through their orders every 5-10 minutes all day long… I believe that this change is designed to stop that behavior because most players don’t want to spend their days trying to compete with it…

Botters aren’t the smartest people in the world. Matter of fact, if you look on a certain botting forum, there are some genius players that post their actual killmails with their character’s name wondering why they died in a certain situation and why the bot wasn’t working properly. That forum is public, and any CCP dev can read it any time they want and ban said individuals…

Totally not what I asked.

What prevents you doing what other people will do when you already did it vs people and bots?

I.e. adapt to the new method?

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The only “adaptation” now is to put your orders up, let them sit, and hope they sell without being perpetually undercut before the order expires…

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I know… They actually did that… Lol…

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Right, and?

Ok, how does it tell if something is listed or relisted?

Right, so just put up another identical stack?