CCP's Most Calculated Endeavor

This is a callback to a post I made on the old forums ( Basically in that post I posed that CCP is slowly turning EVE into a FTP game.

After the EVE Vegas Keynote Address we have some updated on my old post.

Clone States

CCP has now announced that Alpha accounts will have a maximum SP cap of 20.5m SP. The first 5m SP can be trained normally and the other 15.5m SP can be “bought” through subscription or (I assume) Injectors. The Alpha will maintain access to these SP while in Alpha state. This sets up the FTP model perfectly, allowing for the 20.5m SP cap to continue to raise with the purchase of SP as you go.

Granular PLEX

There was a blink-and-you-miss-it comment made about introducing smaller training periods than purchasing a whole month’s sub through PLEX. The granular PLEX allows for the purchase of smaller time blocks, or smaller Injector sizes.

These changes continue to support my thoughts that CCP will eventually go FTP, where players will purchase SP Injectors from CCP instead of from other players. It can work just like the new Alpha changes with the max SP set to whatever is available in the game.

The way that CCP will continue to make money will be non-maxed characters buying SP and could sell multiboxing licences, since current Alpha state does not allow multiboxing.


EVE will never be FTP. Sure you can delude yourself into thinking it is FTP, but unless you go Alpha and never ever open your wallet again, you will pay in one form or another.

Opportunity cost has not been suspended, and it still rules everything with an iron fist.


The problem is that you disappear when they implement ■■■■ that contradicts your theories, so what’s the point?

Also, you haven’t put any time table on your prediction, so 10 years from now if CCP removes attribute implants for completely unrelated reasons, you can pop in again and claim expert armchair game developer status.

Like always, EVE has been FTP for some, and insanely expensive for others. For every PLEX bought, someone spent the $20 to buy it. So I guess to phrase this differently, I see EVE as going non-subscription based.

It will still cost someone something to make the whole game progress, whether that is a guy selling PLEX to fund his PVP, or a player buying a months SP.

I don’t understand what you mean by me disappearing, I have been playing this whole time but have had nothing of interest to say. I don’t remember any changes that they have implemented that contradicts my theory either.

As for a time table, within a year of introducing the Alpha Clones CCP has added 4 times as many SP to the Alpha clone state. If they keep up at this rate, next year they would increase it to 80m SP. Without setting up a plan for what this would contain, I could see Large T2 weapons and maybe low entry into T2 frigates. Another year after that and an Alpha would have full access to all SP.

I doubt they will expand it that quickly, maybe half that speed. But it will basically be based on types of ships and equipment that CCP wants to open up to Alphas.

CCP Rise even said in the Keynote that they want the Alpha to not feel like an extended trial, but a free game.

This was clarified later as not being exactly what CCP Rise meant. I’m not sure where this was confirmed but here’s the Reddit post:

Even if the shorter “Beta” clone concept still supports the general idea of the granular PLEX. My original idea of the intent of granular PLEX was to allow players to purchase smaller blocks of SP. Since the idea is to give “Beta” clones double SP gain and allow the ability to train above the 5m free SP limit, it still has the same function.

The elephant in the room is obviously multiboxing. I don’t see CCP moving away from subscriptions and open the floodgates for as many truly free alts as you want.

I don’t believe that there’s any intention of creating a beta clone. It’s just an Alpha clone with a training booster.

SP farming is already a terminal cancer.

The repercussions of this in the long-term are hastening the inevitable.

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They are monetizing the training booster we have been pulling and using for our accounts from the Events. Maybe a slightly longer or better booster than the work for it Event ones.

sp’s for sale summer of rage dim distant and forgotten …all the good eve players are dead

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There is an interesting quote from CCP Dragon in the Warzone Excration thread here

Where he says “The NES was asking for accelerators. +20s for the store

Thats another step closer to selling SP directly.

The way I see it going is Alphas have no max skill restrictions, but you have to buy (threw PLEX or Premium Membership) access to SP training and multiboxing. That way they dont have a bunch of free multiboxing. Since Alpha multiboxing is bannable, and pretty easy to track.

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Beta is just the name I gave the idea of Alphas buying temporary, sub-Omega training time. The clarification to CCP Rises comment that you directed me to.

I’m not sure if CCP knows what the end goal is, but it may very well be what you say

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