CCP's New Transport ship

I just found out that CCP will soon be selling a new transport ship that has a covert ops cloak, is very hard to lock, and has a cargo capacity of 100,000 m3.
Its hard to believe that they are selling this ship for $50.00 US and not allowing players to make them.


And is it EVE Online, or EVE Echoes?

:red_circle: Sounds like EVE Onion but you can’t be sure anymore these days.

This is not the Echoes forum.

weak bait

Trigs won’t attack it, either.

Given that PA Owns EvE and loves their Gacha… (I’m looking ta you, Black Desert)
I almost fell for this.
They’d introduce the ship as a lootbox that you need a 10$ key to unlock for the chance to get it. Everything else would be 100m3 of garbage.

Click bait!!! In before the lock!!!

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