{WTB} Minimal SP Transport-Ship Character

Hey all!

i am looking for an minimal SP character with Transport Ships of at least IV (4) to fly DST and BRs.

Offer’s please - =)

Anyone with some no longer needed hauler?

Maybe Me…

Two days to be DST (my account expire tomorrow)

Hi @Barack_Ali,

your toon has ~7m SP, most of which are to no use for me, personally - sadly.
I could offer you some isk for the sake of offering isk, but i dont think it’ll represent the value of your toon.

Offer: 2b

Kind Regards

Sorry, i see otherchars for sale 7m with +5 cybernetics and implants, mine have the sme, and get paid 5b - 5.5b

Thanks for the offer, but please dont waste time. Is cheaper buy plex for 20 USD and get moire ISK. Yopur offer has not value.

His skillboard shows him still in a player corp and without Transport skill but he has it Transport 3 (training to 4) and also he is in NPC corp and I attached a SS to show proof

Hey, this char looks somewhat fitting - how much isk do you want for it?

What would be your best offer?

@Angy_Anguilla urghhh hmmm , i suppose something in the 2-4b ish range.
Kind Regards

Well he is available if you’d like to buy. Just let me know :slight_smile:

@Angry Anguilla I’m interested in your character too

![quote=“Orion_Renald, post:11, topic:279654, full:true”]
@Angry Anguilla I’m interested in your character too

Im in game if you want to chat

I can use the Eveportal app to mail you. I’m doing my delivery rounds right now. So can’t access my com until I get back home in about an hour

Eve mail sent

No answer from Angry, Bump

He decided not to sell due to personal real life reasons.

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