CCP's "Road Map," and a Simple Fix for New Eden

There seems to be all this complicated discussion on how to “fix” EVE.

Frankly, If I have to listen to more “Player Representatives,” ask for a “Road Map,” I think I’m going to puke. I’m not trying to be mean, It’s just the truth. Sheep need directions, We are capsuleers.

The only problem with eve, is ship balance. When you follow the ship tree, after cruiser, all development stops, and then starts again at capitals, and way out of balance, as they have been updated.

Each jump doubles HP, and has a % increase in dps, you can follow it up from frigate. But after you jump from Battleship, these %'s get way out of wack. We can nerf the crap out of everything, and undo all of your guyses work, or we can simply fill out the BC and BS trees, make the T2 variants, and Pirate faction variants that should be there, Make things like Bastion Modules, Black Ops, useful, and fall in life compared to Dreads etc, Give BC and BS the tiered variants of the smaller hulls, so that there are more mobile attack options, sit back and let us do what we do.

Eve has always followed a very simple set of rules, but then all these revamps broke them, broke the scale, and made ships very immobile, forcing turtling. We fix this, and its back to burning New Eden as usual.

Otherwise you guys can spend the next 4-5 years trying to develop a “Road Map,” that pleases the sheep, and fail, as eve has never had one, and is based off of not having one. The entire goal of our development is way off. The thing most of us think we need CCP to give us, is the very thing that will put the nail in EVE Onlines coffin, and take away what is unique about this game.

We simple have to rebalance the upper sized hulls, and fill out the trees, and let the players do what they do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to insult anyone. I love this game to death. But the more I try to get involved in how things are going, the more and more I hear players begging to be told by the devs what is going to happen in their game over the next year, and what to do next…

Everything has become so focused on having 5 or 6 accounts, and making sure their isnt too much isk in the economy. But no one will look at their own ships, and admit that maybe, just maybe, their citadels and Super Carriers, god forbid their Titans, might be way out of balance and OP as hell. Simply input the missing ships and counters, and we will burn the galaxy down all over again.

Or don’t. Keep trying to design some magical feature that will ignore the blatant math based facts that current capitals are OP compared to the other ship class jumps, ignore the embarassing excuse of a ship tree after cruiser, and over the next couple of years as the last of us who attempt to actually fight other capsuleers slowly give up in Lowsec, we will have one hell of a party when we shut off the server. Either way I’ll be here till the end. Don’t read this as an insult, simply think about what I’m saying, and look at the obvious. The forest has been there, perfectly for 20 years, with no problems. What makes you guys think that we suddenly have to make a new tree for it to sustain? Simply balance the system.

Whenever someone on the forum claims there’s a “simple” fix, they usually don’t know what they’re talking about and often have an incredibly weak understanding of the game overall.

This is another one of those posts.


Oh. I guess a decade of watching it function, followed by those simple things going out of balance, leading to the current situation, and it being the only changes that markedly started this entire decline and situation, is a weak understanding.

Im guessing you are going to demonstrate your advanced understanding, and inform us all of how it was doomed from the start, and that the fact weve made it this long is a miracle.

Eve has had this problem happen over n over again. There were t2 BPOs given to priviledged groups at one time, giving them huge increases over others in isk generation, a facet is not the problem.

The fact that the math behind each hull size increases, blatantly shows that capital ships are greatly overpowered, have been for a long time, this is not the end of the world, it has happened hundreds of times, and this very situation occurs, until the ships that dont fit and are overpowered are either nerfed, or other ships are buffed to return balance.

It doesnt matter what things they develop, if this is not fixed, the game will die. As when you make a single spec of ship vastly stronger then all of the others, with no counter, whoever can mass the most of them, will be able to do anything they want.

Sounds like the situation thats palyed out of the past few years… its nothing new.

However this refusal of players to admit this obviously simple thing, you dont even need a calculator to see, is rediculous.

Everyone wants the devs to create some magical never before seen thing, that fixes all of their problems, instead of simple balancing the problem that started it.

or go back to WoW, players there love the rock paper scissors of what class is buffed into OP next month.

What exactly is the current counter for capital ships? you know, cuz every ship has a counter on the other end of the scale, allowing any fight to be swayed.

whats the capital hulls weakness?

If they were in line, t2 battleships would rock a million EHP, and do thousands of dps, as well as have variants that were designed for dealing with them, just like every other hull size does before it jumps up, with dessie and bc having unique rolls. Except balanced stopped years ago, and now this happened, because there is no counter for who can mass the most, of the obviously strongest ship in the game. It will simply always win, so the only way to fight back is to vastly outnumber them, which cannot happen anymore at this point.

up until this point, yall were happy, Ive been humming this tune for years.

There were a LOT OF WORDS for something you promote as ‘simple’.


Oh, wow, you watched something. That definitely makes you an authority.

tl;dr A lot of pointless words, might want capitals nerfed, not sure.

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