Celestis redesign

I found the concept sketches on the left here, which reminded me of EVE ship profiles. The circled chip reminded me a bit of the Megathron profile, which made me think it might make a decent base for a Celestis redesign.

Obviously my paint skills are lacking, but I think you get the idea. More oe less take the circled concept sketch and make it vertical.

edit: more concept designed posted in the comments below… including this one:

So just a bigger version of the Maulus…

pretty much. I initially played around with having the flared out portion be facing downward… but i didn’t like how it turned out.

This is an interesting idea. I dislike the specific design presented, it looks too Amarrian.
The Celestis is one of the most hideous ships in the game, but I think it just needs an aft fuselage redesign. The front and asymmetrical nature of it is really nice, but the engine moustache is too much for me.
Luckily the Celestis is not very iconic.

I was playing around with stable diffusion and came up with some conceptual ideas that have some interesting shapes. Whoever does the redesign might find some of them useful.

The second to last one… I really appreciate the wing section, and it might be interesting if seperated from the banana portion and added to something else

Those are nifty designs, but they really clash with the EVE aesthetic.

yeah, portions of the last batch do for sure. That’s why only sections of the majority of the ships would work.

of all the designed presented thus far… I think this one would work the best if it were just taken on it’s own

for the proposed redesign.

I can imagine the green side portions rotating to vertical when not in warp. And the one on the bottom… i could see it’s green sections splitting and forming 4 different “wings”

Like a big gallente slasher

yeah, has some similarity for sure.

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