Change Chat Box UI Preference - Toggle

First of all, I’m new here, but have had plenty of previous MMO experience. One thing that I could see as a great improvement (and opportunity for more hotkey availability) would be to stop the chat window from being preferred by the UI. This means when you close window “y” (i.e. an Info window) the UI currently defaults to opening up the chat box. Making it more likely you end up typing in the chat box your next 5 to 10 hotkey commands. Like when you maybe have commands mapped to your W A S D keys, and you end up typing in the chat box, “wwwddsddsaaaaa” haha… for example.

If the chat box wasn’t automatically preferred by the UI, this would happen a lot less. One game that has solved this is WoW, where selecting the chat box to speak in it must always be voluntary, and is not automatically preferred by the UI.

Thoughts?! Would love some upvoting if you feel the same way!


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