Chat Windows, Pop up's, drop downs, info panels, an Idea?

Don’t know if this was discussed already but I will post an idea.
As a new player I understand the concept of having the chat channels and info panels exploding on screen when I log on, it provides info for new players . . I get it.
But after a while, I don’t want the rookie channel or the local channel or the corp channel to pop up on my screen when I log on.
Tho, I can imagine there are some people who get into that, however these panels and all the rest take up way to much real estate on my screen when opened.
I know it is good to have the local open and your corp and alliance channels open to get info, still too much real estate is being wasted. when I could be viewing what is in space and enjoying all the graphic works.
Ok so here is the pitch, can we add the channels we want to view while in game play and dock this mess at the top of the screen and be viewable by clicking?
You know, the old tried and true web menu “Drop Down” feature?
Something like this:

Then just move the local chat into the chat stack with your other chats?

Personally, I use 2 chat stacks. One for local and logs, and the other for all the other chats I am in. Minimal screen usage, maximum effect and the chats that I need are always visible.

But then again, you use transparency. I think you have bigger issues than chats taking away too much screen real-estate. You could also try and reduce the width of your chat stack. There is no reason why it should be so wide.

Thanks for the reply, umm yeah,
yeah Chat Stacks been there done that. over it.
ok so the image above is a make shift “Example” of how the “TABS” be they Chat, info, or whatever window, could be located at the top of the screen. just tabs that blinked to let you know someone replied.


If you wanted to read what was replied you could then click on the tab and a “Dropdown” would come down as big as you want so you could read it then retract when you are done.
Transparencies are irrelevant.

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