Change Event allegiance?

So, it looks to me that 80% of the players running event sites chose to side with the Society of the Conscious Thought, I’m exploring the deepest recesses of hisec and I can almost only find their combat sites.
Wouldn’t it be nice to add the option to switch side? Maybe with a cooldown or other limiting measures

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I mean, Khanid, who the hell has ever been here before?

I was born on Agil III.

I’m sorry for you

Well I’m out of here, only SoCT sites to be found

@Lodemai just to let you know, even if you sided with the SOCT in the event, you could still clear the SOCT sites and get the loot from the Boss at the end.

I have started doing both if I can’t find one, I will hit the other.

I and I’m sure many other smart high sec players go to Khanid and Derelik to run events. Used to be less competition but more and more players are learning to leave the trade hubs for events.

To put things in perspective, I live deep in Verge Vendor and travel all the way across high sec, through Amarr space dodging their angry Navy, just to run events Khanid.

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I know, but it’s the progress bar I care about, not the loot


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