Change in "Recruitment" section

hi there
@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Fozzie

i have a thing in the recrutment section in this forum

could you make it possible when someone opens a new thread that he can lock the topic for future postings for other people?
would be cool to be able to make a daily bump but i feel like its not needed for others to post in there

for example:
i wrote timezone and contact ingame … join corp public channel

there is no need others can answer or write questions in that post

i didnt find how i can lock a thread for others and i see only in recruitment channel a need for that feature

or maybe in this section i could delete other posts …

maybe you think about it … would be cool if it is possible

thanks guys


+1 it only takes one stupid/troll response to mess up a recruitment thread.

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Probably because there is no such feature. There is of course the regular lock but that would lock everybody out who is not an authorized person (Moderator, GM, CCP staff).

While I personally do see your point but I do think that it’s fine as is; remember while you may not need/want it, there could be others that appreciate it :wink:

hi @ISD_Sakimura

well … if it is an opt-in its fine if someone doesnt use it
i would use it but others dont have to

so it would net so bad for everyone to have that feature :wink:


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