Change in some career missions

Enforcer missions Cash Flow for Capsuleers 6/10 and 8/10 are the same thing, change 1 of them to learning how to use webifiers. This would get rid of Sof 9/10 Glue, which would be replaced.

SoF missions 6/10 Don’t look back replaced with a mission to use energy nuets SoF 9/10 replaced with a mission to run a modified abyssal so they can se what they are and how to use filaments

Industrialist (Entrepreneur) has 2 missions already covered by Explo so change Balancing the Books 4/10 to selling something given by npc of minimal value on the market Change Balancing the Books 7/10 to invention and making a made up t2 civilian mod to be dropped off as the 8/10 distribution mission

also add level 1 skill to the following skills: Shield Operation/Repair System, Target Painting, Weapon Disruption, Remote Armor Repair Systems, Capacitor Emission Systems.

The Shield Operation/Armor Repair System would be based on faction and allows the use of a mod given as a reward from a career agent. The last 4 are needed for the AIR Program and most players use the 1m free skill points don’t realize this until too late.

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Great ideas!

I don’t like showing invention to new players, could it instead require a contract to be created and/or accepted?

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