Change ship skin in space without going through fitting window

Hello guys !

While changing skins on my ships IN SPACE, I was wondering why I had to go each time through the Fitting window …

The Fitting window is not as resizable as the usual ones and as such takes a significant amount of place.
Moreover it is not convenient at all and there is no point, unless I miss something, to look at the ship in the Fitting window when I can already look at it in space and see the effect of changing skin.

So I think that it would be nice to add an option to the right-click menu whether on the ship or in space that would list all the available skins for the ship in use that the character has and, by selecting one, apply it immediatly to the ship …


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I think this belongs in the Player Features subforum.

@Xeux thanks !

You can change the category of the original post without having to create a new one. Please delete the second post. Also, what alternative do you propose? And just how often of a use case is it that people change SKINs in space, and how important is this feature, that CCP needs to introduce another UI mechanism for it?

@Archer_en_Tilavine @Mark_O_Helm
Thank you for your feedback. both.

I cannot delete the second post but raised a flag to the admin to do it.
I modified the category of this original post accordingly.

Well just read the last paragrah of my post.

These are questions that need to be answered and your comment is definitely true for any new features players think about.
So I don’t have the data but CCP does I guess. Likewise one can ask how often of a use case is it that people change SKINs in station or would it be extremely complicated for CCP to develop such feature or complicated or quite easy or easy ?

Each time I wrote something to CCP support about features, enhancements, improvements no matter how you call it, I got the answer that I had to post it in the forum … So be it.

So I am not saying this feature must be implemented. I am just raising the interest for it.
If no one wants it, I won’t be offended.
If it is implemented then great.


I think the real problem is that it would require an entirely new interface - how else would you pick the new skin? From a list?

Huh. I don’t recall that paragraph being there when I first saw your post. I remember this post being shorter. Either you edited it after the fact or it was a major oversight on my part.

The right click menu in space is already pretty fat (CCP has made repeated changes in the past to make it less fat) - this is a non-functional change that will add bloat. At least “Set Name” has functional uses other than vanity.

You have a good temperament in how you’re raising this and approaching feedback thus far, though :+1:

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