Change the color of new button

Hi. I would like to raise the issue of colour in Eve. A pleasant look and balance of color is one of the merits of eve. Being able to choose color is very good. I am as one of those for whom the difference of color complicated was pleased in my time very much to introduce flowers for the blind. But the latest innovation annoys even me.The color of new agents missions button is terrible. Completely out of the subject and very annoying. It would be ideal if the color of this button changed to the color of the theme chosen by the player. Now this button is very annoying, and spoils the whole game background.It feels like the design and idea of this button was taken from all the famous game. It is left to write on it “in fight,” and practically there will be no differences.Bezymiannyi_240

I propose to change the palette of this button, not to clean, but only to lead to compliance to the subject chosen by the player.

Like some who suffer from vision problems, I struggle to distinguish green from red and am very pleased with the introduction of a color change mod. Most people do not understand that if we do not distinguish color, it does not mean that we do not distinguish contrasts and shades of grey. However, the contrast of this button is very annoying to the eyes and distracting, changing the whole palette of feeling from the game. In the standard palette there are soft different colors, for example gentle blue Plasma or yellow Ore.


And make the Agency obey the color scheme, too.

Yes, change it to green, if possible. tnx

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