Obvious differences for skill training buying/training buttons

I remember in the original UI the color differences between the buttons of adding levels of skills to queue, and purchasing a skill book, were very distinctly different. blue for the former, red for the latter. In Photon UI both buttons are just the same blue however, which is not a huge issue but gets mildly frustrating when tallying skills I do or do not have.

Other than that Photon UI looks great, I have no other criticisms yet.

EVE - Red Armon Itonula 5_29_2022 12_41_35 AM (2)


I think its like that because of the different themes, But that is something that could be a little more helpful than just the icons.
It could be that the skill window wasn’t finished yet because the skill bars at the top don’t change with the profiles. I also wouldn’t know how to color them with the sisters of eve pallet but I’m sure there’s some way to do it.

The current UI has differently colored buttons despite the different themes. That can’t be the reason. Some buttons don’t need color palette matching colors in the first place. Certain features – like pointing out danger of losing too much isk by buying skills for ripoff prices or signifying that you lack the skills in the first place – don’t need a color that matches the color palette. They need colors that signify this important information unmistakably.


Yeah I get that, I thought that too but the first sentence in the feature preview says they’re trying to make a unified style across every UI.
Maybe not matching but they could defiantly make warning colors complimentary or inverted so in your screenshot they would be red, or with the ORE pallet the warning would be purple. But I’m also not noticing the third color in the pallet themselves like i have to really peel my eyes to find them and I’m wondering if they just haven’t gotten around to applying it everywhere. idk though.
Comparing the old UI that’s one thing they for sure need to bring over.

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