Change the Name of the Doomsday Modules

Since they really do not fit any definition of a real “Doomsday Device” after the nerfs, I think the classification of the Doomsday module should be renamed. The devices are no longer capable of widespread destruction, since the AOE was removed, given that they can only target one ship in their own class, and usually don’t have the power to destroy even that single target in one shot. I would see the term downgraded to super weapon, or something similar. These are clearly no longer Doomsday devices.

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Helloo forum :smiley:

Interesting. I wonder why they would nerf a “Doomsday Weapon”.

If it can barely match another its class then may be Popgun turret? :grinning:

Fifie & WMDs

Maybe rename it to Happy Day Device or Peaceful Day Device instead.


You can make fun of the idea, but what these weapons are supposed to be is the pinnacle weapons in the game, right? doomsday devices. that’s what they used to be when they were AOE, whole fleets would brown their pants when even one of these things jumped on grid. Now? it’s laughable. they can’t be used to hurt anything but other caps, it takes ten minutes to recharge, and doesn’t even inflict enough damage to one shot what it’s hitting unless it’s ■■■■ fit. it’s absolutely useless, and does not come anywhere close to the definition of a Doomsday weapon, so why should it have the name?

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