Doomsday VS Pod = no corpse

to paraphrase Ultron from the avengers
“I think a lot about meteors, the purity in them. Boom! The end. Start again”

if for some reason a pod is hit by a DD be it from a ship or structure, in my humble opinion there should be no corpse left, my body should of boiled in the nano gluten mixture of pod fluid and been vapourised down to old and purposefully dehydrated veggie bacon, i get the death animation is the same, but any chance in this one instance we could just get a white screen and a display message saying “downloading” or something, kind of similar to the nanohuristic clone mappers, it wouldn’t really be for anything other than flavor, perhaps people who want to learn more about the lore of the game can fly around in a pod hoping to get DD’d.

just a thought.

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even better idea, a pod being hit by a doomsday should just automatically biomass the character.

nah too harsh

Then how about every time a DD hits your pod it vaporizes it, you respawn in your medical clone and you lose 30 days of Omega time? Not harsh compared to the alternative suggested above. :wink:

Edit: Or alternatively you lose a flat 500K or 1 mil or whatever amount of SP from your SP pool first and if not enough there then after that second from your trained skills randomly. Lore reason could be the DD vaporizes you so quickly that at least partial brain damage before the transfer of consciousness is unavoidable.

Knowing CCP this will cause some horrible side effects like crashing everyone on grid when a pod is DDed.

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Seems like a good Feature™. Reminds me of how the old doomsday weapons used to function. :slight_smile:

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