Getting podded should prevent you from playing the character for the rest of the day

Lets be honest. Gaming is a waste of time. And people playing games is not what the world needs right now. So i propose that if you get podded you will not be allowed to play on that character until after next downtime. I also propose to reset the daily alpha injector after each downtime because at the moment it seems kind of random when i can use it. Thats all. Ty for reading and have a nice day.

You can only use a daily alpha injector once per day so idk why you are bitching about it.

As far as podding and ending the game, no. Id rather them charge again for med clones before something stupid like that

Posting on a gaming forum and complaining is a waste of time…



Dreg getting podded should delete his account. Go hard core mode man.


You realize if you don’t like playing the game or spending time on it you can just …you know, simply not play the game in the first place? :thinking:



Why is the OP posting such moronic ideas?


How dare you imply you know how i should spend my time.

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