Idea of smart bomp to point defense system

What if we change the smart bomb which has no meaning wrongfully defined actually is an energy pulse ,
And change that system too point defense system all the values identical the only thing it’s going to be directed it will only attack aggressors within the area of effect

So do you only want to change the name or do you want to remove the aoe effect?

Neither are really necessary and one is a nerf you’re going to have to justify.

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I want the area of effect but selectively only to aggressive targets ,
By changing the unit to point defense system that means using projectile instant off energy poles ,
it makes it direct weapon doing damage only to targets that have aggressed against you ,
Therefore it can be used on missions and on high security space without the fear that you might accidentally hit a clocked vessel .

No, she wants them to act like the Edencom weapons, where if your safety is green they wont do anything against targets in HS that you do not intend to hit, like neutrals…there fore you do not get concorded…would still have to go RED for that.

Edit: So those 40 cats dropping on your orca for a gank…activate smartbomb…cause its safe to do so now idea.


Sounds like you just want to afk the jita undock to farm suspects outlaws and war targets.

That last option alone should give you pause for this idea.

If that was the plan especially if really in an AFK fashion then a cooperation of a bumping ship plus a suspect that expires a few seconds after undocking to get a limited engagement then reship to a suitable combat ship would generate some funny reactions from OP. :smirk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush:

(Though maybe the bumper is not even really needed if the combat ship can pop OP’s ship quick enough.)

why would you only use one ship? you can’t hurt your several dozen alts balled on top of you doing the exact same thing.

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