Why nerf ships when you can nerf grid?

So I’ve played eve for a long time, and I’ve been specifically paying attention over the years to the way game balancing is approached. I’ve noticed, particularly with titans, CCP takes the standpoint of nerfing the ship, sometimes ridiculously so, almost to the point of uselessness. My question is why? The doomsday device fitted to this ships, is now not a doomsday. For those lacking perspective of the term, a doomsday device is an end game weapon usually designed to annihilate absolutely everything caught in it’s blast… absolutely EVERYTHING. not capitals only, not structures only, absolutely everything within range of the weapon. if it cannot do what doomsday device is supposed to do, then why call it a doomsday at all? so they took it down to a single target weapon (DEFINATELY not a doomsday) in order to balance against the numbers of titans being made.

perfectly understandable, now comes the HAW nerf, you can’t fit guns on a titan that can target sub capital ships, leaving the titans only defense against sub capital threats, a boson. why even have the ship available in the game? it can’t do what its primary weapon is supposed to be able to do, and it can’t defend itself against anything below a carrier. yet still your going to see them on battlefields by the dozens, tidi’n the rid just for show and the pretty, but now nerfed to the point of uselessness DD effects.

Rather than continuing with unpopular nerfs to titans, why not change the grid instead? Give the titans back their real doomsdays and haw guns (Maybe limit their range to a hundred KM or so, to make them have to get up close and personal to use it.) and change the grid so only a certain number of the ships can load onto grid at a time. say maybe 1 or 2 per alliance, this limits the impact on the server node, makes the battles balanced out a little better, rather than simply being a most titans wins scenario. You can also limit the number of doomsdays that can be fired in a given period of time,(Since a weapon designed to wipe out everything could be made to have a lasting effect on the space around it making it impossible to fire a second for a period of time) little bit of real physics explanation lol, to prevent a DD blanket wiping entire fleets with the aoes. if there are twelve alliances on grid, that’s 12-24 titans, instead of one alliance bringing 10 and another bringing 15, and another bringing 8, till you have hundreds of the damn things on each side. 4 alliances, equals 4-8 titans on grid.

this seems more an effective measure for containing the titan explosion, than nerfing the ships to the point thy are essentially hundred billion isk jump bridges. bring back their fierceness, and the fear that made these ships awesome, with maybe a couple small restrictions, and instead change the grid to make them more rare in their appearance, you fix the problem of too many titans without completely destroying what the ship is supposed to be. the ultimate weapon, that collectively makes pilots ■■■■ their pants when it appears in their local space.

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So holding alliances for titans become a thing to allow you to bring more, and LOL, you now win because you brought more titans.
You fired your doomsdays first so the opposition now can’t use theirs at all, LOL.

So no, this wouldn’t be effective.


Titans were meant to be for large fleets, not for some schmuck to drop onto a frigate just to get an easy kill.


no they are not, they are meant to be the pinnacle weapons, to approach one should mean death immediately. not oh it’s helpless cause our ships are the right class

yeah cause one man holding corps that don’t meet requirements for alliance level couldn’t be prevented right?

And then they put 50 alts in.
Also one ship should never be doom to a fleet. Or you end up with the issues we have now, where people feel entitled to be doom to everyone else just because of their ship. EVE has a rule that bigger is not better, just different.

i would love to see you hit a speed boat with a battleship

one ship should be doom to a fleet when it’s carrying a device called a DOOMSDAY, the term in and of itself is fairly self explanatory… it’s supposed to kill absolutely single thing in it’s balst radius, you should really look up the definition of doomsday, the end of all things…

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Fine, i declare all doomsday devices be renamed to “Slightly bad day” devices


that’s depends, main broadside battery, 5 inch guns, 50 caliber guns ior a nuclear tipped tomahawk, a battle ship will hit the damn thing one way or another… that’s why it’s the most feared ship on the seas, there is nothing that a battleship cannot engage

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Then put small blasters on your titan and you’ll hit those small targets

troll, good one, but troll, so useless to talk to you.

It’s called game balance. Of course, small boats on the current navies can carry torpedoes that can sink a battleship in one or two hits. Sounds fair right, sounds fun that 1 frigate can blow up a titan?

You’re just mad because your really expensive ship cant kill everything in one hit. Which is the way it should be.

no they can’t, given emergency bulkheads, crew emergency response, and a great many other defenses, such as active sonar, threat tracking, point defense systems, in addition to their guns, if and i say again IF you get within torpedo range of a battleship you are already well under the gun and cruise missle range of the ship, and if you somehow make it through the outer and inner killzones of a battleship to launch a torpedo, they can deploy charge counter measures, if it makes it past that to hit the hull, emergency bulkheads slam shut and then the ship blows you out of the water.

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I’m so glad a member of the Navy is here to tell us all about naval warfare…

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you keep telling yourself the really expensive ship shouldn’t be able to kill everything, cause it should, if your such a military genius go take a fast attack boat and sink a battleship, I dare you to try, might be doin the world a favor

Ahahahah best one ever

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When they actually make one active i will, but the Navy has stopped using them for years now.

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yep, they don’t have that kind of need for the firepower battleships represent, until another war.