Change to continuous bumping

I was thinking a fun change to the bumping rules, which would encourage bumping gameplay, would be if your ship is bumped continuously for three minutes, then the crew mutinies and ejects you out of the ship in your capsule. I’m pretty sure that would make the game a lot more fun and interesting for everyone.


Anytime someone supports their idea with the reason of “it would make the game more interesting”, it’s a shitty trash idea. And look at what we have here.

You don’t think mutinies would be interesting? CCP could add some exciting roleplay flavor text into local chat. :astonished:

Sir, the enemy ship is hailing us on all channels, they agree to join our fleet! :parrotdad::tripletsparrot::parrotwave3::fiestaparrot::confusedparrot::parrot:

I bet this would keep people engaged and not AFK! :sleeping: is a section for posting game change and new feature idears.

Is your farce detector not functioning today ?

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