Change way to use portal bridge

Hi everyone,
CCP use a dark pattern for trouble to use jump or conduit,
my proof :
Normally if you use alphabet order “Conduit jump to member” is first and in your eve is second.

Now after couple years, you still want the guy name “badclickman” but for me, for bridge pilot is very uncomfortable and now is the time to change that.

My two solutions :
1 ) change modules for active module, when you activate he showed up new windows and choice destination/pilot watchlist/beacon/etc
2) add shortcut in menu shortcut in navigation, example touch “1” set up to conduit, you press 1 and click on your watchlist pilot and eve conduit your gang, etc

If you are suggestion, go for it :wink: you welcome.


I know what you mean, as I have the same thought when I bridge “what if I accidentally jump only myself instead”.

On the other hand, I do like the possibility of unexpected situations, content and stories of “do you remember that time when the bridger accidentally jumped and we quickly had to follow and rescue him with a second bridge?

While harsh for the bridger, I don’t think EVE should take away that possible screw up. It’s part of the gameplay!

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Let me ask about this - the issue of people conflating jump / bridge is as old as jump drives, and the conduit adds to it. They have taken some small measures to fix the former (moving them so they weren’t next to each other) so maybe this is something that’s easy.

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Thank you Brisc, for me shortcut is the best option :wink:
The jump and the jump conduit (bridge) are to close to each other. One can miss click easily the wrong one.

Then Asakai happens :slight_smile:

So only good things result from jumping instead of bridging.

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