Changing Corporation Logo design

Created a Corporate logo when I created my corporation and added it to a ship or two. Have since redesigned the logo but I can’t get the logo to change to the new one on the ship. Doesn’t seem to recognize the new design. Did I miss a step ? Logo was saved and available. Shows on the Corporate page but just can’t get it to show up on the ship. Have cleared cache. Rebooted. Cleaned ship … not sure what else to do. Does CCP have to approve a corporate Logo ?

When was this? It might take some time for the changes to propagate all over.

Made the logo change about 4 days ago. Still not able to get it to take the place of the old one on ships

Sounds like it should have been fixed by now. If you’ve already tried removing the logo then adding back again to the ship in the related part of the ship customization interface then maybe wait a day or two to see if anyone replies here and if nothing then I guess submitting a support ticket is the way to go.