Changing country

I play Eve from the UK, however, I may be moving abroad for about a year sometime in 2024 (maybe to Europe or Asia somewhere, don’t know yet)
Will my Eve accounts work ok in the new country? Would that be automatic or would I need to do something?
Will Eve change language automatically? If so, can I change it back to English?
Once I move country, I will still be returning home to the UK frequently. Will my Eve accounts still function in the UK?
Are the Eve administrative overheads to support the above easy or substantial?
PS I PLEX all my accounts so there are no real money angles

You shouldnt have any issue.

No, if you are genuine, no.

The only issues that could occur are accountsharing ones, say you log into eve in UK, then 5 minutes later log into eve from India. An impossible feat since you cant travel from UK to India in 5 minutes. Same things that protect your bank cards from physical fraud. It triggers geowarnings about potential account shenanigans, such as account being hacked, account sharing, account trading. Which in most games give you an automated ban as its investigated,

That can also occur if you jump VPNs for no real reason.

Thanks both. :grinning:

(And yes, this was genuine and not any type of account shenanigans)

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