Paid subs in diffrent counties - legality - EULA Question

Hi there fellow EvE’rs

I’m from Europe, and I love this game, however. The pricetag for paid subs is starting to take a toll on my wallet, and I love to have alot of Omega accounts. I have 8 paid subs right now.

A russian player only pays about 1/2 of the same subscribtion fee that I do.
I did read the EULA throu, and nowhere does it states that you can make a russian account, and then play in europe with it.
The idea is to jump on a VPN, and make a new russian account, and then pay the russian bill for it.

I cant figure out if this is a break of the EULA, I dont think soo anyway.
This is like creating a Netflix account in say Taiwan, where the Netflix sub is only 1/5’th of “normal price” for others.

That’s changing very soon…

You are allowed to use a VPN but using one to pretend you are in a different country than you actually are to pay a different price is fraud.


There are numerous threads on this issue. But yes there is in fact a policy clause that would be violated if you attempt to do this.

Ordinarily you would be able to use a virtual credit card service with a fake billing address (if the VCC company permits this - I know the one I use does) to permit you to purchase from a different country. This is something I personally do with certain purchases (not EVE). However, one of EVE’s policies is that your billing information must be accurate; so unless you a legitimate card from that region (ie. a real Russian-registered card), you cannot do this without potentially getting in trouble with CCP if you get caught.

CCP recently raised Russian prices, so even if you were to break the rules and do this, you’d do so to limited benefit.


Here is the most notable thread:
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Not specifically listed, but if CCP does want to take it far they could put it under point 20 of their ToS:

You may not give false information or intentionally hide or withhold any information, including billing and contact information, when registering your EVE Online account subscription. You are responsible for keeping this information accurate and current.

As you are giving false information on your location.

Also if it is too expensive, maybe scale done from 8 Omega accounts :joy:

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Why is this post in new player Q&A? Effective use of 8 accounts generally requires more knowledge and experience with the game than the intended audience for this forum.


Created 12 hours ago - hmm, who’s alt are you ? :thinking:

A 12 Month EVE subscription in the UK costs £89.99 X 8 = £719.92.

Woah! You clearly don’t have kids (or if you do, you must and/or have a staggeringly well-paid job and more money than you can physically spend!).

If you’re struggling to find things to splash out on with cash maybe you should think about giving some money to charity. No disrespect to CCP, or you, but that’s a ridiculously large (possibly obsessive) amount of money to spend on online gaming.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game too, and I know it’s brilliant and compelling and fun, but it’s about keeping it all in proportion. I have one paid account and a (recently created) Alpha account, (in total three characters).

Hmmm. Researching and then finding a supposed ‘loophole’ in the EULA (In truth, I’m impressed, on one level, that you’ve even looked through it in that much detail, I mean there are like 43,700 characters and 7216 words [] and who even does that?!). Setting up a VPN (specifically to hide your geographic location). Pretending that you’re a Russian when you’re not at all.

I think this all sounds a bit dodgy (read: it’s totally dodgy) and I suspect that you know this too.

Oh come on, be serious. You’re clearly not a stupid person. If you’re looking for people to give you some kind of justification for what you are thinking of doing, then at least be honest about it and say that you need some moral support for your malfeasance.

Let’s just hope no one from Netflix management is reading this, eh? Otherwise, you might be in a bit of trouble about that one too.

Lastly, personally, I don’t like the fact that similar products are priced differently in different parts of the world either.

For people living in the UK like me, this has been a problem for a long, long while. Generally speaking, we consistently end up paying more for stuff (food, cars, housing, transportation, etc) than people in mainland Europe and it really does irk quite a lot of us.

However the solution to this situation is not really to find cheats and workarounds, but a societal model that doesn’t treat people as cash cows for capitalism in a crazy unregulated wild west of free trade.

Sorry about that, real-life (remember that) just managed to creep in at the end.

I’ll try to make sure that doesn’t happen too often.

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Don’t get me wrong, in the past I had 8 accounts (and this is before Alpha even existed, you only had paid accounts).

But with some time, effort and knowledge, you don’t have to pay with RL money for all 8 of them.

I hear people say this all the time @J_Poll.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I have a kid (and one with Autism and ADHD too) and a limited amount of time to play each day (probably), or a job that is at least partially non-computer based (also probably) or the fact that I do charity volunteering in real life (also probably) or maybe even that fact that I’m crap at the game (quite possibly), but I have never cracked the mythical holy grail of being able to play for free.

I just came back after a long break

But 6 out of 8 accounts were PLEXed every month just by the traders I had in Hisec + making money in Null with my mains.

There is a good bunch of ‘passive’ income possible if you want to. My traders took a couple of months to set up back then (takes money to make money) but eventually I slowly could scale up the traders and thus accounts.

And unless you want to get into the 0.01 ISK war, you only regularly have to check your market orders.

My point more was, just because someone has many accounts doesn’t mean:

He is rich
He has no kids

Hell, if I would, my yearly Xmas bonus from work is enough to fund a yearly sub on about 9 or 10 accounts. Leaves me with 12 monthly salaries and the holiday bonus in May to spent.
I would never do that, rather do something more fun with the family, but each has their own priority.

You seriously need to write a guide to how to do this (please?) because this kind of stuff constantly eludes me. I struggle to understand the market at all and I’m a rank amateur when it comes to setting up passive income streams.

What is this it exactly?

Fair point. I was possibly a bit harsh there.

No trader will give away his secrets to making money, why would you want another compettitor.
It is the same as asking an enemy fleet, what will you bring, so I know how to counter you

But Trading 101 is quite simple:

  • Buy low
  • Sell high
  • Watch market trends and keep on track on EVE news about possible big wars that might affect the trade of certain goods
  • Same counts with certain ships/modules when they are being revamped by CCP.

Like I said, before my 4 year AFK, I just read up a lot on who was fighting who, and with what ships they flew (long live killboards). And then see if you can jump into that market.

Also keep in mind, you have a difference between station trading (flipping stuff around in same station) or actual hauler/trading (which 2 of mine did, buy up stuff cheap-ish in mission hubs and ship it to Jita for profit).

As for the 0.01 ISK wars, it means just staying on top of your orders like a maniac, each time someone undercuts you by 0.01 ISK, you update yours to undercut them by 0.01 ISK. Tip, don’t do that, it’s not worth it and it will turn trading in EVE into a boring, frustrated job.

@Highpriest_Aden -

:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:
There is your answer.

Also, if your country’s tax revenue apparatus decides to bother with you doing this, CCP’s EULA won’t be your biggest problem…

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