Changing the "Que" of things

We need to look at removing the que-based system from eve. this system highly encourages multi-boxing and multi-accounting, (and unless ccp is building a game that exploits people on the point of running multiple accounts) these systems are abusive and need to go.


  • Remove que limit for building items (based on character skill)
  • Remove que limit for inventions and research (based on character skill)
  • Add a hard limit to all characters. Say around 25.
  • Improve tax rates accordingly.
  • Remove any other similar mechanic
  • Introduce a new set of skills, or improve existing skills to reduce cost or time factor.
  • Introduce more costs for related content to stabilize economic shifts from these changes.

Monitor the system well and adjust values as needed.



Might as well remove the skill queue also, that way players can set their alarms again ang get up at 2 or 3 in the morning and put in a new skill.
That used to be everyone’s favorite activity.


The skill system in eve online is an innovative concept, though i feel at times the research times are to long for access to specific aspects of the game. Imo the only changes atm i’d make to that is reduction in times. The except to this is things like “max amount of orders per a toon” or “max amount of things built at a time”.

Ultimately, a player can train and run as many alts as they want to circumvent this system, ergo, the system itself is counter intuitive and does little to really change the game.

Stream lining this aspect of the game will help the game generate better tax income efficiency, and stabilize the economy significantly more. It will also disencourage (although not really remove) multiboxing. Ultimately at the end of the day players will always do what is most efficient for them; that does not mean that we should hinder, or create abusive systems that encourage the multiboxing arena.

Do you just throw words at the internet and see what sticks?

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