Personally, I suggest changing EvE like this

A tax of 1 in 10,000 per day on all Est Assets (if the wallet has no money, send in delivery , set up a skill Omega only to reduce the asset tax by 10 %) (it is reasonable to charge property fees for ship maintenance and dust removal)

For high-skilled Alpha accounts (old zombies), the skill points are reduced every day. The higher the skills, the faster they will be (it is also reasonable not to learn and forget for a long time).

Well, it can increase the vitality of the game.Instead of losing players.

After reading through this, I can see why you created a brand new forum alt for this idea.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


In EVE stations are VERY VERY VERY HUGE. There is no reason to charge a station asset tax. Capsuleers provide ALOT for the empires and their sub corporations. No there will never be a tax like this it defies RP narrative, and this seems to be added for the sake of adding something in.


So basically you want to punish older players who have a lot of assets and skill points. No thanks…


As in reality, you have to pay more taxes if you have more assets.

Assets can bring benefits under your operation.

After all, risks and benefits coexist.

Active players can feed their assets.

Active alliances can also raise their ship to defend.

But it is not reasonable for zombie players to crush others with HUGE assets. At least it should not be crushed, but take advantage

Tell that to all the millionaires and billionaires that pay zero taxes…


The empires grant us special capsuleers tax breaks as we defend space from pirates and constantly aid them against threats. Why would the empires discourage people like me to move my gear into their stations so I can help their agents further THEIR interests?

Right now the empires want to do all they can for people like me to help them in FW/anything else. We are the tipping point in the balance of the 4 empires. I doubt they would want to tax us for all the awesome stuff we do for them. Go read the Chronicles EVE’s mechanics do have some lore reason to them… Most of them. CCP want’s to keep lore in mind when adding new things. This goes against everything the empires want to do.

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with plex at 3 billion you pay 100 million a day to be omega
i heard about the wonders of paying with real money BUUUUUUUT
in some countries were the minimum wage is 10 times smaller than USA paying USA prices is a big deal
or you grind IRL and pay more to CCP than to our saviour Jesus christ

unnecessary explanation… The tithe was an obligatory offering from the law of Moses requiring 10 percent of an Israelite’s firstfruits.

or you grind in game like a E slave to play for free

and you are proposing to pay more? why???



Two of the worst ideas I’ve read in a long time.
why does the “solution” always have to come down to a tax ? We’re sick and tired of taxes!

Right… Might as well get rid of the Alpha accounts altogether in that case.


Actually there would be some reasons to do this, just not very good ones.

It would create an ISK and skill sink, both have some benefits. It would add some impetus to ‘force’ players to remain semi-active or lose either SP or wealth.

There are much better ways to promote activity and sink ISK. These are terrible ideas akin to “the floggings will continue until morale improves” style motivation - but that’s actually nothing new for CCP.

In which case, my guess is that CCP will implement this next year and then flag it as “demanded by players” in the patch notes.

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wtf did I just read


Nothing gets me more aroused to play a spaceship video game such as Eve, as the idea of more taxes!

I know when I return to a game like EQ2 and WoW its highly useful to have my characters de-level because I had the audacity to do something else.


lol …

You can simply contract all your assets to an alt / corporation assets and that will drop your asset’s value to 0… then you pay no tax.

From a logical standpoint I can see a small benifit of asset tax as it would in theory lower the amount of capital proliferation in the game, but in reality they will still have the capitals and use their power to force everyone under them to pay the costs for them.

And it would be worse off for every normal eve player becuase who the hell enjoys doing pve for hours only to end up where you started before you need to pve again to only start making progress.

+1 for the initial thought -2 for the follow up thoughts.

Eve needs is a wealth tax?

increase taxation wildly = vitality, eh?


You must be a government officer somewhere, OP…


OP, your idea has the same level of charm as the abandoned structure idea that was shoved down, only worse.
Also, some day someone will cry “hate speech”, file a ticket on your post, and eat popcorn while feeling threatened.

There is no room for (old)zombie hatred, tyvm.