Reduce ESI pulls to only 1 period per day

Reduce ESI pull for key metrics ie, market data to one period of time per day.

This would,

Aggressively tackle some forms of in game botting.
Aggressively tackle most out of game full automation.
Aggressively target RMT.
Open margins for real at keyboard players & promote interaction in the EVE universe while encouraging growth.

Remove the power from a minority & encourage large alliances to distribute power instead of giving 1 player real time control of swathes of the player base. Will encourage factionalism within alliances.

Too much of Eve is automated in real time no less. At the very least only allow out of game tools to pull once per day instead of 23/7.

Oh yeah this will reduce drain on CCP system resources that are being hogged by the 0.1%.

Clearly non relevent or helpfull pulls can remain 23.7, personal asset tracking, skill tracking ect. ect. But 3rd party information such as market activity should never have been made real time.




Great counter, I look forward to CCP implementing. Eve is real, a dynamic botless 'verse full of player interactions adds value to ccp.

CCP will not implement this :smiley: :heart:

Not intentionally. But they might break something and “implement” it.

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