Close the API, its been a drag on eve player numbers since its get go

Live, out of game scraping is a cancer on eve.

Suggested limit to scraping,

Kill Scraping Update reduced to 4hrs to prevent automated warnings of attacks & conflict. Instead rely upon in game players to update the state of combat.

Structure & SOV notifications limited to at least downtime - Same reason as above.

Market scraping - Market scraping should only be made available at downtime. This will prevent a minority of players controlling markets and instead rely upon eyes in the spread sheets. 24hr update will still allow general convince for market tools.

Example do you phone the supermarket to make sure they have your brand of soda before you go or do you make an observation on stock from a less than live observation, ie, they had soda the last time you were in?

& further suggestions from players more knowledgeable than myself.

Second of all, market scraping actually benefits more casual players, because 3rd party websites gives them information without them having to make spreadsheets or post alts in various regions. You say that it will prevent markets from being controlled by a handful of players, but, in reality, it would shift the balance of power away from everyday and casual players, and towards the hardcore. Not only that, but limiting information available to customers shifts the balance of power towards sellers.

In fact (and this is quite interesting) there was a scandal in warframe where a group calling themselves “The Riven Mafia” tried to take down a website that tracked riven mod prices (riven mods are rare, powerful, and unique items -thus, it is more difficult to judge a riven mod’s value). They did so because they didn’t want the people they bought and sold from to be armed with information, because they exploited their ignorance in order to rip them off.

Of course, now I’m wondering if you have no idea what you’re talking about, or if you’re intentionally arguing in bad faith in order to convince us that a change that would be good for you would actually be good for everyday players…

Third, I’m not sure why so many people try to use how RL works as a justification for how a game should work.

And, not like it matters, but many people (myself including) do indeed check prices and item availability (and often reviews) before going to the store. I might not do this for soda, but I most certainly do it for other stuff, ranging from computer components to auto parts.

No P2W


Also the wareframe mafia looked like content, no content allowed every thing needs to be vanilla, can’t have people using their brains in a MMO. Gotta cater to the lowest common IQ Shipwreck Jones players in case their poor brain explodes.

I think I answered your doubts in 24hr market data, this would still cater to casuals but prevent the domination of the market by individuals via out of game tools, a.k.a bots by any other name. There is a reason why some IRL trade markets allow bots & others deny it. Eve is a game wtf is the point in live market ESI, it simply closes market moves to the majority to be dominated by ESI scripters. Before anyone says learn to market script, I’d rather throw myself down a well than script in a for fun game.

O.K it rests with CCP via the CSM, if you want this game to be dominated by bots please continue catering to that crowd via, live ESI scrapes. If you want player growth cut down on the scraping.

Btw, when you check the price of auto spares do you do it every 15 mins on route to the depot or do you do it once say, in a 24hr period? K, I answered your question.

The same reason is why sensible null leaders want their powers curtailed in regards to instant information via ESI. We wonder why the game stagnates when Mittens or Villy gets a ping when a line member takes an non authorised dump or a red even so much as looks at a sov structure the wrong way.

Normally I try to alert certain CSM’s to posts that warrant their attention… this isn’t one of them.

Certain CSM’s past & present are already aware of this issue & advocate for these changes in other media, so feel free to shut your mouth on the matter.

I bring the matter for others to discuss & to finalise suggestions.

then actually tag them in the post to get their attention then.

If they are not following the assembly hall feed, then pfffft.

Okay, your primary concern is market bots then? Maybe should have led with that. Regardless…

  • How prevalent are market bots? What kind of impact do they have? Do you have any evidence to support your claims?
  • Would shutting down the API stop market bots? (It is my understanding that it won’t, because bots can just use OCR data collection instead).
  • How would shutting down the API impact players?
  • Are there alternative methods for fighting botting? What are the advantages, disadvantages, and difficulties associated with those methods? Why is shutting down the API the best method?

Are you prepared to answer any of these questions satisfactorily? If not, maybe you should stop making suggestions, and just let CCP handle it.

Initially, I thought you might be trying to get over on people. I mean, people have done similar things before, and this is Eve -where there is no shortage of people trying to get over on others. But now I’m wondering if your true reason behind this is, "I don’t want to put in the effort in order to use this tool, so I want the tool gone so that the people who do use it no longer have an advantage over me."

BTW, I was able to find step by step instructions online for importing price data into spreadsheets. The instructions made it easy, and having instant access to that information presented in an easily digested manner gave me a significant edge over my competitors. Perhaps you should check it out.
No P2W


I know this has been a request in the past, and I know that there are some players who feel strongly about it.

That being said, I don’t support limiting or time restricting killmails.

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It’s something that needed to be done very early on. The are over all a massive detriment to the game and content. However the culture that has evolved around them is so intimately tied to them that going back and removing or limiting them now would be far more likely to be more harmful.

Kind of like a bullet lodged close to the spine. It causes discomfort possibly limits range of motion or a host of other problems but removing could cause even more issues or kill you.

So now we just need to learn to live with it.

What I can say needs to be done is logistics on kill mails. If the game can track engagement timers this shouldn’t be all that hard.

Because of the culture around kill boards it can actually make finding a new group for higher level pvp difficult if the one you have been flying with closed down.

If you fly logistics and you do it well your kb is going to be almost as cuddly as a care bear with an isk efficiency so red people might mistake it for rmt.

Hell at one point I was nearly kicked from a group do to a lack of participation because the guy going through it was in another time zone and just saw that after a month of being in the Corp I only had 6 kills tracked despite being on most of the weekends and generally 1-2 weekday fleets.


Yeah that is the only real hard counter argument to ending live scraping. Like botting, live scraping maybe so ingrained in eve online that it is best not to try fix it as black out showed with nullsec mining and annom bots, maybe all that is really left of the market is botters with at keys players just making up the fringes.

Without full server restarts bans on botting and scraping would just entrench the wealth of those who have used them in the past and prohibit those newcomers of ever reaching competitive wallets.

The same reason people gawp at FRAT for botting & RMT is the same reason I applaud them, they’ve got like 10 years worth of botting & RMT to catch up on. It is time CCP reset confirmed botters/rmt players wallets out of negative in respect of this fact.

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