Here is a way to remove Complexity

Eh? But you wanted to turn eve into “Farmville/WoW-clone” with all your suggestions a few months ago, because “thats what smart devs do - follow general trends in games industry”…

Have your concept of “prodigy game dev” turned upside down within that timeframe or it is just a way to protect your fragile self from everyone who disagree with you or your ideas?


Hey, Notice my genius idea of blackout being in the game? Did you also notice hellmar saying he is gona break up the donuts?

Hmm… Wonder where that came from.

Eventually they will realize that im right and will come to me for more changes. RIP You on that day.

I see you are paranoid and project your delusion onto others as well. Another reason you are not worthy of time nor effort. :wink:

Edit: Also unfounded and completely false accusations as well.

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I have never seen you proposing removal of local (although i might have missed it in crapton of topics you created at the time). All your suggestions revolved around HS, mission rewards and other stupid ideas.
If it was your idea then you must be CCP Oveur who wrote this article back in 2004:

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And practically speaking, you are a complete moron.


And here we go with all of his lies and entitled attitude. Good to see that you have not changed at all.


I mean considering you were in that thread[quote=“Ms_Steak, post:24, topic:178714”]
I have never seen you proposing removal of local (although i might have missed it in crapton of topics you created at the time).

Ironically posted many times. Your flag spam is cute. Ill circumvent, dont waste your time. I have nothing to lose, i dont play this game anymore.

Not you. Lmao.

No you did not post it even once.

You claiming that you did and giving a proof of something else only shows you are lack the intellectual capacity to be called a human.
Are you a rock ?


Quoted for future reference. All your ideas are now void.

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Because you said so? Lol =X

Ironically look at how good this change is going. You will see, and i will be here to remind you (God willing). When that donut bomb drops, and your precious goonscum federation drops because it cant zerg anymore, I will be here to remind you.

Just like i was here to remind you about this change. The one you and alts said was a bad idea.

Just to add something actually useful and constructive to the thread for the benefit of the OP…

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Ah… you should have quoted your whole “genius prodigy dev” proposal then and not just tiny excerpt of it:


its cute how you cringe when your wrong. it reeks of desperation. Like pray in the mouth of a predator.

dont worry goon scum. Im here to kill the style of eve you play for you and turn it into space-wow.

Fixed it for you to conform with your previous:


Is this the thread I sign up for space cows with axes?

Because that’s pretty metal.

That would at least make it entertaining.

Cows with axes is much better than the moron with bullsh*t that the thread currently is.


Forgive the bluntness, but didnt you say you dont actively play the game any more? If so, why should you get any stake whatsoever in the direction his game takes?

This nonsense completely ruined MechWarrior.

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