Channel setting window bug


I am having trouble editing the MotD in my channel. When I click the ‘Open channel setting window’ option the game doesn’t register the click. When I click it a second time, I am greeted with the window shown in the picture above. Just a blank window with the options ‘ok’ and ‘cancel’ , close, minimze and pin. No text box where there usually is one. As of last night, 6th August 2018, I was able to use the channel setting window normally and edit the MotD like I usually would. Ever since this morning, however, I have been ecountering the problem I described above.

I would really appreciate any help or guidance in solving this issue as it is important to me that the channel in question is updated frequently (sometimes several times a day) as it is a sales channel where the MotD lists contracts.

I should mention that the channel in question is named ‘Cecilia’s Abyssal Emporium’ and that I just confirmed that I am able to use the channel setting window normally on a different channel that I also own. It seems that the particular channel named above is broken in some way and I would really like to find a way to fix it short of deleting it and remaking it from scratch. I assume that if I were to do that then the characters who are permanently in that channel would not automatically be placed in the new channel (which will have the same name). Please correct me if I am wrong.



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