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o/ Fellow CSM Members and Eve Pilots

I have read not long time ago that CCP was ok with scaming (can’t remember if it was an official source or not). Whatever…
Players having the right to scam, I think players should also have the right to get rid of it … It is only a matter of balance, right and fairness.

But how ?

Option 1 : Show no Text
In the Channel Settings menu, above the option button "Show Text Only ", add an option button with « Show No Text » label that would prevent any text to appear as long as it is set. (My choice)

Option 2 : Hide the Channel text pane
There is a similar « undirect » option in the Member List Settings that can hide the Member List by unchecking the two options in the Member List Settings menu.
In the case of the Channel Settings menu, maybe add a checkbox to hide or not this pane.

Hope this gets some positive echo from all of us and would be grateful it this subject could be reviewed and hopefully approved for implementation :+1:


If you don’t want to see any of the text, why don’t you just…minimize/close the window?

That’s an option of course but by doing so one cannot see anymore the Members List part of the Local Channel which is much more interesting (at least for me and others) than the text pane.

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